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Journal Prompts

General Submissive Journal Prompts

Submissive journal prompts from various sources I’ve responded to. Location of original prompt is linked in each post.

001. Natural or learned: Are you a natural submissive or a learned submissive or both?

002. Motivation: What is your motivation in your service?

003. Safewords: ‘A sub with a safeword is just a Domme on her knees.’ Do you think this is true? Why or why not?

004. SM and Pain: If SM is part of your dynamic explain how pain works for you. Is it a sexual turn on, a healing release, a spiritual moment, a session of giving?

005. Obedience: Do you find obedience to be easy?

006. submissive or slave: Do you identify as submissive or slave or something entirely different? What is your definition for that identity?

007. Revelations of the past year: What have you learned about yourself in the past year that surprises you?

008. Constancy to purpose: ‘The secret to success is constancy to purpose.’ –Benjamin Disraeli

009. Tolerance of Others: How tolerant are you of others who live in a lifestyle that would not suit you and who live in such a way it does not affect you? Do you consider yourself open minded? How do you react when others judge your lifestyle as fantasy?

010. Perversion and Normality: ‘One person’s perversion is another’s normality.’ — Julie Peakman

011. What We Need to Be: We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are. –Max De Pre

Where I am Led

Where I am Led: A Service Exploration Workbook Prompts

Once a month I post the responses to the most thought-provoking prompts for the previous month of assignments in the workbook, as well as report on how well got on with the practical project.

Month One: Explanation of how the workbook is to be used. My responses to four prompts. Practical project: Dietitian.

Month Two: Responses to five prompts. Practical project: Leather care.

Month Three: Responses to four prompts. I hadn’t had a chance to do the practical project yet.

Month Four: Responses to five prompts. Practical project: packing.


Meditations for index

Meditations for submissives

Marcus Aurelius’ classic Stoic text Meditations is full of good advice for s-types. Here are some selections from the book that could be used as journal prompts, as well as suggested alterations if a sub wanted to use a particular piece to actually meditate on.

Book 1.5: Find simplicity in all things and don’t allow outside influences to distract from what’s truly important.

Book 1.6: Focus on what’s important and be more tolerant of opinionated people.

Book 1.7: Don’t be distracted by fripperies in any direction, pay attention to your character and nurture it, don’t hold grudges, don’t be easily fooled.

Book 1.9: Advice for D-types, as well as s-types this month. The uses of patience, courtesy and an even-handed temper.

Book 1.10: Advice for everyone (particularly pedants) on how to gently correct someone incorrectly using language.

Book 1.14: Advice for everyone regarding how to be a decent human, leader and friend.

Book 1.15: A variety of excellent advice for both sides of the slash from Marcus’ mentor, Maximus.

Book 2.1: A daily reminder of the difficult people one has to deal with on a regular basis and why they should not be allowed to an effect on us.

Book 2.5: How to remain focused on the task at hand in order to be your best self. This also has some introductory information about Marcus.