The Governor’s Secretary

The Governor's Secretary

The Point of it All

The Governor’s Secretary is meant to be a BDSM-version of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality except rather than using a popular children’s story to demonstrate logical fallacies and sociological theories, I’ll be using an under-appreciated women’s prison drama (Wentworth) to illustrate one type of healthy, consensual power exchange. Because I am tired of inaccurate kink in the media.

There will even be resources when appropriate. Because nerd.

Unlike Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, I couldn’t keep to only canonical characters—there wasn’t one who would make sense as the Dominant’s sub and I’m trying to stick as close to what would be realistic as possible while remaining true to the universe of the show.

I don’t think a reader has to be familiar with Wentworth to get something out of the writing, being that it’s more about education than simply fanfiction. (I’m not judging fanfiction for fiction’s sake–I’m saying that that’s not only what this particular piece is.)

A Note on the Story & Narrator

Timeline: This fiction takes place at the start of season two of Wentworth (for people unfamiliar with the show—this is when Joan Ferguson is introduced). For my philosophy of Joan-as-Domme, an explanation of why this takes place so early in her arrival at Wentworth and why the main character is not canon, see this post.

Is the Narrator a Mary Sue? There are aspects of the narrator that are similar to me, as I’m writing from the sort of power exchange/submission I’m most familiar with (though there are many ways to do kink healthily) but the narrator differs from me in key ways that would most suit Joan. I can’t even kid myself—I would not be a good submissive for her.

Who people are as Dominants and submissives is highly individualised—as it is for anyone in intimate relationships, but even more so—so what people need and want and what will complement those needs will be ingrained. What Joan would need isn’t something someone could force themselves to be—anymore than an introvert could force themselves to be an extrovert or vice versa.

This will make more sense as the story unfolds. I’ve given this some thought and wrote about it in the linked post. Joan’s a special flower who would need a special flower in return.

I didn’t change who she was in order to make her capable of being my Dominant. Instead, I took what I know about power exchange and made someone that would work for her.

Plot: There is going to be a plot, but I’m less concerned with traditional plotting than I am with chapter-to-chapter education and entertainment. Because this is my recreational writing (it’s illegal for me to be paid for it) I’m not spending as much time as I usually would working on it.

Once the entire thing is finished I’ll probably go through and have a re-write to include things I didn’t think of before and edit and tweak bits.

Trigger Warnings: Trigger warnings will appear before individual sections. As this piece is about consensual power exchange, in general, there will be discussion before edgier things happen, though sometimes it may be far in advance of those edgier things.

It is going to get very adult in here.


This story will be many chapters long (I don’t currently know how many) so to keep it manageable on this site, I’ll have a few chapters per page. One chapter per page would eventually amount in a scroll of pages, while all chapters on one page would be an eye-watering wall o’text.

Obviously, most of the characters are not mine—no offence or copyright infringement intended. Don’t bother suing me—I have no money.

If you’re on Archive of Our Own and would like to leave kudos or comments, the story is here (thank you, if you choose to do so). You may also leave comments on this site, of course.


Chapters 01-03: An Alliance

  • Chapter One: The New Governor.
    Stable, reliable, competent (submissive) Secretary to the Governor of Wentworth Correctional Centre comes into work one day to discover they’ve finally hired someone to fill Erica Davidson’s long-vacated role. No one tells her anything.
  • Chapter Two: A Good Girl.
    Everything about the new Governor exudes dominance and competence (if you’re inclined a certain way). Simultaneously intimidating and fascinating, the Governor’s secretary tries to maintain professional focus while preparing to have a difficult conversation with her new boss.
  • Chapter Three: Winning the Lottery.
    The governor’s secretary has her first meeting with Governor Ferguson, the Governor finds out about Channing’s request of Constance & Joan learns quite a bit about her new secretary.

Chapters 04- : Trust Issues

  • Chapter Four: Embrace the Pain
    Constance is overwhelmed (and perturbed) by her reaction to the new Governor–who isn’t having the best of first weeks. She struggles to get control of herself and work out why she’s responding the way she is while also being of use to Governor Ferguson.
  • Chapter Five: Power-Over vs Power-With
    Governor Ferguson’s conversation with her secretary doesn’t go exactly to plan, but she learns a great deal about power exchange relationships, as well as something rather surprising about her secretary.

The Governor’s Resources: Books, links, studies and other resources mentioned in the fiction for your own edification.

The Governor’s Glossary: Words and phrases that may be new to readers. What I mean when I say…