Last Evening with the Governess

Last evening with the Governess was absolutely wonderful. She was a part of me and I fully gave myself to her. It was the first time I was able to that way. It was the least painful it’s ever been and the sort of pain that was involved was the good kind. She wouldn’t let me rush into anything like I wanted—I really wanted to be close to her, as I’ve been so good lately and felt so submissive to her so I wanted to please her. She made me be silent and just let her touch me only becoming a part of me when she felt I was really ready rather than when I said I was, which probably contributed to the ease of it all.

She had me lie very still at first and just touch myself while she was inside me and asked me if that felt nice and I could only nod—not speak. Then she started to move, just a little and slowly. Then we moved together and she began to feel it and said how nice I felt and her eyes closed and her breath quickened and she began to make those low sounds in the back of her throat that sound like she’s not in the room any longer. And then we were just bodies and she was taking me over.

My legs found their way round her back and I could feel her muscles pushing herself into me and her voice was husky in my ear that she loved my legs around her. And as we quickened together my knees moved higher, nearly to my shoulders and I was crying out—my head thrown back, her body arched over mine—our torsos mirroring one another.

She was deep, deep, deeply inside me and it was burning but perfect. My fingers brushing where we joined whilst bringing myself to that exquisite end. She shuddered and was still save for her ragged breathing.


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