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An Introduction to the Governess

The Governess isn’t an actual governess. I’m a bit long in the tooth to have one of those.

I do like being governed, though, and she says I’ve taken to it admirably. This pleases me no end, as it seems my goal in life is to please her.

No, the Governess isn’t what the title would suggest. She’s my Dominant. And I am her submissive; her charge, though she most often calls me her darling one.

The stories I share here are in the order in which they occur in our relationship.

Last Evening with the Governess

Last evening with the Governess was absolutely wonderful. She was a part of me and I fully gave myself to her. It was the first time I was able to that way. It was the least painful it’s ever been and the sort of pain that was involved was the good kind. She wouldn’t let …

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A New Evening Routine

The Governess recently decided we will have a new bedtime routine. I’m not meeting my personal goals, you see. When I became her submissive I asked for her help in certain areas. Because I knew I would do certain things to make her proud that I wouldn’t do on my own. One of those things …

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When She Calls Me Little Girl

‘All right, little girl, come over here.’ She gestures for me to go to her, where she is sat on the sofa. White button down shirt, top two buttons open, black jeans, bare feet. Black hair pulled back in a low ponytail. The grey streaks at the temples that make me crazy just visible Just …

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