Where to Find Me

Social media! Here are my accounts and what you’re likely to find on each one.

Patreon*: thepageist. Support the site and podcast at a variety of levels and receive rewards in return. This page has other ways to show your support–both monetarily and not–as well as why you might consider doing so. Though any funds raised would go towards everything I do, support is only billed per podcast episode. Please see the Patreon site for more details.
Facebook*: The Pageist. The least, but still active, of my accounts. (This is mostly due to FB’s restrictive policies about what can be posted and trying to avoid being banned.) I post funny pics and relevant articles a few times a week.
Fetlife Group: The Pageist Podcast. A new discussion is started for each podcast episode. There’s also an introduction thread and other threads for members to interact in and I would love to see the listeners share a bit more.
Goodreads: thepageist. Where I keep up with my book progress and see what other people are reading. This is where I get some ideas for other books to read and see what people are saying about books already on my To Be Read list.
Instagram: thepageist. Here you will find a motley assortment of photos from my life. Oxford, books I’m reading, sometimes comments on what I’m working on for the show or site, the occasional kinky implement. No body parts though. I typically only post here once or twice a day, at most.
Medium: thepageist. I’m starting to post more here and I’ve been a reader for awhile. My new essays will go here, as will some of my older pieces, reworked or updated.
Quora: Paige La Marchand. I answer questions about BDSM, sex education, LGBT+ issues, feminism, writing and reading. And sometimes take a shot at other things people A2A me about.
Tumblr*: thepageist. The overall theme is: Do not look at my Tumblr in public. Lesbians, kink gear, and lesbians in kink gear. Sometimes BDSM information. Usually it’s pretty classy, but occasionally some piece of porn comes through and it must be shared. Activities and items most often featured: spankings and women in positions to receive them, stockings, shibari. My Instagram feed also pushes to here so at unpredictable times you’ll suddenly get a photo of one of my stuffed animals or a building in Oxford.
Twitter*: @thepageist. I retweet links, information and images that may be of interest to my readers/listeners. I only retweet offers of sales if they come from trusted sources like Hey Epiphora or are for people/causes I’m in favour of. It can also get a little political in there, but if you’re a homophobic, transphobic, racist bigot then I’m not bothered if you follow me anyway.
If you avoid social media like the plague, you can still subscribe to the site by using the form in the side bar. I don’t sell or give away email addresses.
You can also email *me* if you’d like: thepageist [at] gmail [dot] com

*Links to posts on the website and new podcast episodes are pushed here.