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Episode 035: The Academy

Episode the thirty-fifth; wherein the Pageist takes some time to schedule in some self care, gets excited about kind fans and lesbian porno comics and returns to the Marketplace…again. The book this episode is The Academy by Laura Antoniou. .48 Intro and Announcements: The show is now in Cape Verde, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Djibouti. […]

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Episode 006 The Slave

Episode the Sixth; in which The Pageist celebrates her first year being kinky, visits her first dungeon and almost envies *the* slave. 1.05 Intro & Announcements: Power Exchange Summit–Early Bird tickets are still available. If you’re into the power exchange thang, then you should go to it. The place I’m getting my sweet player–PodTrac–also has […]

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Episode 001 The Marketplace

Episode the First: Wherein The Pageist begins sharing her love of books with the whole wide, English-understanding-world. The Pageist is a podcast about books on BDSM and other forms of non-traditional sexual expression and relationships. Including fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels; from the classics to contemporary works and featuring topics from ethical non-monogamy to sex […]

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