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Meditations for submissives 007

The Meditation for April is all-round good advice and completely straightforward, as well. (For less-than-straightforward, but no less useful entries in this series, start here.) This is from Book One, Number Ten The Maxwell Stanisforth translation in full: It was the critic Alexander who put me on my guard against unnecessary fault-finding. People should not […]

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Meditations for submissives 006

This month’s Meditation has advice for both D-types and s-types. Please see the first post in the series for an introduction to this feature. This is Book One, Number Nine. The Maxwell Stanisforth translation: My debts to Sextus include kindliness, how to rule a household with paternal authority, the real meaning of the Natural Life, […]

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Meditations for submissives 005

For an introduction to this series, please see the first post. Unlike some selections in this series, this is the entire segment. Book One, Entry Seven. From the Stanisforth translation: From Rusticus I derived the notion that my character needed training and care, and that I must not allow myself to be led astray into […]

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