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Aug 17 2017

Episode 059: Jillian Keenan

Jillian Keenan

Episode the fifty-ninth; wherein the Pageist talks with author and spanking enthusiast Jillian Keenan about spanking, Shakespeare, consent and all sorts of other things. .45 Intro and Announcements: Hello and a big welcome to the new Patreon supporter, Devan! Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belize Jim liked the Facebook page. Hiiiiii, Jim! Two very positive survey …

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Feb 07 2017

Sex with Shakespeare by Jillian Keenan

[This is the text of the book review from episode 42 of the show.] This week’s book is Sex with Shakespeare: Here’s Much to Do with Pain but More with Love by Jillian Keenan. I received this book as a gift from a listener who is a very kind, gentle Englishman. Thank you, friend. I …

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Feb 02 2017

Episode 042: Sex with Shakespeare

Episode the forty-second; Wherein the Pageist comes in through the library, issues a warm welcome to her guests from Malaysia and looks forward to mangling a dead language. The book this episode is Sex with Shakespeare: Here’s Much to Do with Pain, but More with Love by Jillian Keenan. .48 Intro & Announcements: One new …

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Feb 16 2016

Spanking for Lovers by Janet W Hardy

In the most recent episode of The Pageist I reviewed Janet W. Hardy’s Spanking for Lovers. Per usual, here is the text version. Hardy also wrote The New Bottoming Book and the New Topping Book with Dossie Easton. Those two are must-reads for anyone in the scene. As is this one if you’re into spanking, …

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Feb 11 2016

Episode 004 Spanking for Lovers

Episode the Fourth. In which The Pageist registers for her first kinky conference, talks about why books are her BFFs and learns a whole dang bunch about spanking. 00.00 Intro & Announcements I corrected some info about the Philly GRUE–which actually begins the night before the dates I’ve been stating with a meet and greet. …

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Jun 12 2015

Thoughts on Secretary: Then and Now

When Secretary was released in 2002 I was immediately intrigued (because the idea of being someone’s secretary greatly appealed). I remember liking it immensely upon first viewing, though for the life of me I can’t recall if it was in a cinema or on DVD. I do remember renting the DVD from Netflix and watching …

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