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Episode 37: Real Service

Episode the thirty-seventh; Wherein the Pageist registers for a conference for sexy nerds, discovers the perfect mascot for oh, so many wonderful people and shares info on a new site for the kink community. The book reviewed is Real Service by Joshua Tenpenny and Raven Kaldera. .48 Intro & Announcements: The show is now in […]

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Episode 013 Paradigms of Power

Episode the Thirteenth; Wherein The Pageist discusses power exchange, what it means to her and even figures out what style makes the most sense for her life. (It was extremely obvious–the Pageist can be oblivious.) 00.40 Intro This episode is all about power exchange. What part it plays in my life and the book reviewed […]

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The Beauty of Power Exchange with Innermind

One of the earlier things I did, after admitting that my long-acknowledged pageism was a form of submission, was join FetLife, the internet community for kinksters. Like any online community, FetLife has its problems, but it’s also been a very useful resource for someone interested in learning more about the lifestyle from people with more […]

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