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Aug 15 2016

Sabotage — Beastie Boys

This song came on my alarm and I instantly had an image of a scene in a dungeon involving impact play. If you haven’t heard it, press play. If you have heard it then it’s already playing in your head. You’re welcome. ‘Sabotage’ By Adam Horovitz, Adam Nathanial Yauch, Michael Louis Diamond I can’t stand …

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Aug 08 2016

Not Afraid of Romance — Machine Gun Fellatio

Machine Gun Fellatio’s ‘Not Afraid of Romance’ is a mix of electronic beats and jazzy horns and vocals. It’s a nice one for upbeat scenes with a lighter vibe. ‘Not Afraid of Romance’ by Ross Andrew Johnston; Glenn Easton Dormand; Matt Ford 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 let it all out when the sunshine hits your eyes you’ll find …

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Aug 01 2016

Faster Kill Pussycat — Paul Oakenfold feat Brittany Murphy

Driving beat? Check. Sexy lyrics? Check. Apt for the dungeon or the dance floor? Check! Paul Oakenfold’s excellent ‘Faster Kill Pussycat’ (featuring the incredible pipes of Brittany Murphy) is a monster of a song. Turn it up and do what you do.

Jul 18 2016

Hard Normal Daddy Album — Squarepusher

Squarepusher’s album Hard Normal Daddy is … unlike anything else I’ve yet posted in the music for scenes category. It’s electronic–at times chaotic, frenetic, hectic. Other times mellowing out, only to pick back up. There are lovely melodies overlaid with syncopated beats and bass. Includes music that a friend of mine would describe as ‘robots …

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Jun 27 2016

Anarchy in the UK — Sex Pistols

Our friends across the pond having been making some ‘interesting’ decisions of late, so this seems apropos. Between the people choosing to vote Leave who didn’t actually mean it and were surprised their vote counted, to the pound plummeting to a thirty-year low, to the Prime Minister resigning, followed by a fair portion of the …

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Jun 20 2016

Push It — Garbage

There isn’t a great deal to say about Garbage’s ‘Push It’ in terms of why I chose it for this week’s Music for Scenes. You put it on and either want to dance or hit something (or be hit with something). Something about the lyrics puts me in mind of the type of scene where …

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Jun 13 2016

Liar — Rollins Band

I felt like something a little angry today and Mr Henry Rollins is a smart man with some angry sounds so he fit the bill. ‘Liar’ is a good song for scenes, as it tells a story of its own, if you’d like to pay attention to the lyrics. If not, the breaks and beat …

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May 30 2016

Fly Away — Lenny Kravitz

The lyrics to Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz remind me of someone either looking forward to reaching subspace after a hard week or a metaphorical expression for rope suspension. It’s a hard rocking song, sure to keep the energy of a scene going (or a sub distracted, if you turn it right up). “Fly Away” …

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May 09 2016

Run Boy Run — Woodkid

Woodkid’s infectious ‘Run Boy Run’ tells the story of a boy who is different from the other kids–and what kinky person can’t relate to that?–who is trying to find a safe place until he can get away to be his own person. Musically, there’s a rushing beat, urging the listener on, to get away. Then …

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Apr 25 2016

Somethin Hot — Afghan Whigs

Afghan Whigs’ ‘Somethin’ Hot’ is one sexy song. It’s a rock number with a darker tone, but the lyrics are double entendre city, which is what makes it perfect for scenes. ‘Somethin’ Hot’ Written by Gregory E. Dulli I got your phone number, baby I’ll call you sometime I think I might, be out tonight …

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Apr 18 2016

Raspberry Swirl Lip Gloss Version – Tori Amos

This remix was the bonus song on the CD single of ‘Cruel’, which is the other song of Tori Amos’ I’ve featured. A fact I noticed only after I chose it. Whoops. Still, this song is excellent and I don’t care. The original is good, don’t get me wrong, but the remix ups the urgency. …

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Apr 04 2016

Ghosts I-IV — Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails’ instrumental double album Ghosts I-IV is one of my all-time favorite albums. It consists of 36 songs and I’m never tempted to skip one of them. It’s been on heavy rotation this week on my phone and I was trying to choose one or even three or four songs for this post, …

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Mar 28 2016

More Human Than Human — White Zombie

White Zombie and Rob Zombie have multiple songs that are excellent for heavy scenes. I decided to go with this one, as the lyrics could be the encouragement a top needs during a scene. ‘More Human Than Human’ Yeah, I am the astro creep A demolition style Hell american freak, yeah I am the crawling …

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Mar 14 2016

Smells Like Teen Spirit — Luna Gayageum cover

Luna is a Korean musician who plays an instrument called the Gayageum. She covers lots of songs on her YouTube channel, but this one is my favorite and is excellent for mid-to-heavy scenes.

Mar 07 2016

Paradise Circus – Massive Attack feat Hope Sandoval

Paradise Circus by Massive Attack featuring Hope Sandoval (remixed by Gui Boratto) is an amazing song for mid-to-heavy scenes. The hand-claps of the original (see below) have been replaced with drumming that’s almost tribal, which could help both players get into a particular headspace. The original song is more low-key and excellent for aftercare. It’s …

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Feb 22 2016

Hey Pretty — Poe

And the song without her brother reading sections of his book all over it: This song sounds like a D-type trying to get a sweet little sub into their den of debauchery. The album it comes from, Haunted, was written to accompany her brother’s book House of Leaves, which is why the music video is …

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Feb 15 2016

Possession by Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Possession’ came on my alarm the other morning–I had forgotten that it has a pretty decent beat once it kicks off. That combined with lyrics about rather…intense…attraction seemed appropriate for scenes. ‘Possession’ written by Sarah McLachlan Listen as the wind blows from across the great divide Voices trapped in yearning, memories trapped in …

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Jan 18 2016

Love Song for a Vampire – Annie Lennox

A friend who was in the scene years ago said it used to be popular to play Enya while playing. Enya, whose work I do like, seems like an odd choice for scenes, but it made me think of Annie Lennox’s ‘Love Song for a Vampire’, which she wrote for Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula. I’m …

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Jan 11 2016

Calm Like a Bomb — RAtM

Nearly anything by Rage Against the Machine is excellent for heavier scenes. This is one of my favorites, but it’s hard to go wrong if you’re looking for something aggressive. ‘Calm Like a Bomb’ by Timothy Commerford, Zack de la Rocha, Thomas Morello, Brad Wilk Feel the funk blast Feel the funk blast Feel the …

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Dec 28 2015

Leaether Strip

Leaether Strip (not a typo) is a Danish band that consists of one person–Claus Larsen. It sounds like far more people are involved–just have a listen. With out-right fetishitic themes and lyrics in various songs, it was impossible to choose one or even two. Hence the playlist above (which I did not compile). Larsen is …

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