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Episode 076: JoEllen Notte

Episode the seventy-sixth; wherein the Pageist talks with writer and mental health advocate, JoEllen Notte about depression and relationships. .45 Intro and Announcements: Welcome and hello to the newest Patron, Richard! Someone left a comment about the show on the Podbean app. Thank you! Round one of voting for Smut Marathon is open (until February […]

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Episode 049: The Pageist Talks Health and Kink

Episode the forty-ninth; Wherein the Pageist talks about health and kink–sexual health, mental health and physical health. Just, all the health. .53 Intro and Announcements: TPOKRadio is streaming 24/7! Check it out here. Darkside Magazine is also sponsoring all of the shows on the station. It’s a magazine for kinky people of various persuasions and […]

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