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Sex Demons!

http://rabeisgod.tumblr.com/post/142708753416/christian-author-female-masturbation-is-direct This is a Tumblr post by a friend from a few months ago, but it’s still making me laugh and is appropriate for International Masturbation Month. I particularly like that the original article is aimed only at women. Because it’s the woman’s job to save the world from Satan. Like Buffy. The addition of […]

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Happy Playtime

I first heard about Happy Playtime in 2013 when Mike Krahulik from Penny Arcade advocated for it and was torn to shreds because it taught only women who had vulvas how to masturbate. Not all women had vulvas and not all vulva-owners were women. This was problematic (I agree). Therefore, some people thought the app […]

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May is International Masturbation Month

Much like October having an identity crisis over whether or not it’s National or International Kink Month, there seems to be some confusion over whether the masturbation awareness/celebration is to be on a national or international level for the month of May. According to the creators of the day, though, Good Vibrations, it is International Masturbation […]

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