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Oct 17 2017

Witches, Princesses, and Women at Arms by Sacchi Green

[This is the text of the book review from episode 63.] This episode’s book review is of Witches, Princesses, and Women at Arms: Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales edited by Sacchi Green and published by Cleis Press. I received this book for free, but the words I say to you will be true, as always. As …

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Oct 09 2017

Episode 063: Witches, Princesses and Women at Arms

Episode the sixty-third; wherein the Pageist has an update about Walter’s diagnosis, announces a new way to support the show, and laments why we can’t have nice things. The book reviewed is Witches, Princesses, and Women at Arms edited by Sacchi Green. .45 Intro and Announcements: Thank you to all of my patrons for making …

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Sep 19 2017

Sweet and Rough: Queer Smut by Sinclair Sexsmith

[This is the text of the book review from episode 61.] The book this week is Sinclair Sexsmith’s Sweet and Rough: Queer Smut. I got this as a bonus for supporting Sinclair’s Patreon. So I paid for it…sort of. I read the first story and immediately went to get a copy to send to my …

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Jun 21 2017

Small Favors Deluxe Hardcover Edition by Colleen Coover

small favors colleen coover nummy titties

[This is the text of the book review from episode 55.] This episode’s review is of Small Favors by Colleen Coover, published by Limerence Press. Unlike some of the books I review I did not receive this one for free—I’ve purchased this book many times, in fact. First, I bought each of the separate comic …

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Jun 17 2017

Episode 055: Small Favors

Small Favors deluxe hardback cover

Episode the fifty-fifth; Wherein the Pageist expresses gratitude for community, friends and the best listeners in the world. The book reviewed is Small Favors: the definitive girly porno collection by Colleen Coover. .45 Intro and Announcements: The show has a new Patreon supporter! Effusive thanks to Dave! 1.48 My Submissive Life: People I’m grateful for–the …

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Feb 24 2017

Sister My Sister

In a provincial town in France, 1932, a widow, Madame Danzard (Julie Walters) and her daughter, Isabelle (Sophie Thursfield) live an insular, suffocated life with their maid, Christine Papin (Joely Richardson). Christine’s younger sister, Lea (Jodhi May), comes to work at the house, which is when the action of the film begins. Madame Danzard runs …

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Jun 08 2016

Franz von Bayros

Franz von Bayros (1866-1924) was an Austrian artist who specialized in erotic themes that included lesbianism, light BDSM, and disembodied cocks. The occasional dog or monkey made an appearance, as well. It was a different time. Ah, the Victorians. Those four came from this article. More from this website. Many, many more images in this …

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May 12 2016

When Your Sexuality Is About Other People

[Disclaimer: this writing is not about all heterosexual women. Nay, it is not even about the majority of heterosexual women. It is, however, about a very specific group of hetero (and a very few bi) women who exist. If you read this piece and you would not behave this way, then, clearly, it is not …

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Sep 25 2015

Mango Kiss

Lou (Michelle Wolff) and her best friend, with whom she’s in love, Sassafrass (Daniele Ferraro), move to San Francisco after university in order to pursue their performance art. Sassy has recently come out and is a bit promiscuous (we are told this, but don’t see it). Their next door neighbours are a cliche of a …

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Aug 12 2015

A Surprise for Her Love

Jul 05 2015

Lesbian Porn for Men vs for Lesbians

Lesbian Porn for Men vs Lesbian Porn for Lesbians: An Annotated List I’ve seen one or two films of the grown-up persuasion in my time. And I enjoy the ladies who enjoy the ladies, so the majority of those films have been of ladies enjoying other ladies’… ladyparts. When I first stumbled out into pornland, …

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Jun 05 2015

The Duke of Burgundy

This review is free of spoilers, though in some ways this film is better if you know nothing about it going in. It may sound odd, but I recommend not reading this review, or any review. Just watch the film—it’s incredible. A young woman, Evelyn (Chiara D’Anna) arrives at her employer’s house—Cynthia (Sidse Babett Knudsen)—a …

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