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Equality in D/s with Innermind

Innermind writes a lot on FetLife. A lot. This time around he’s talking about equality in power exchange relationships. Which is a real thing. But I’ll let him explain. D/s is about equality, seriously D/s is a relationship between equals. When you first say that, it almost sounds like a punchline to a joke. Because […]

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Reasons to Submit with Brittunculi

This week’s Mentor post is from FetLife member Brittunculi, who is in a D/s relationship with Innermind. I’ve posted his work before and I’m sure I will do again. They both write extensively and articulately about their relationship–about how power exchange looks and feels from both sides of the slash–and it’s clear that there is […]

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The Beauty of Power Exchange with Innermind

One of the earlier things I did, after admitting that my long-acknowledged pageism was a form of submission, was join FetLife, the internet community for kinksters. Like any online community, FetLife has its problems, but it’s also been a very useful resource for someone interested in learning more about the lifestyle from people with more […]

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