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Jun 06 2017

Sexual Health and Kink

STDs/STIs and What They Don’t Tell You I have HPV—it’s something I’ve written about before a few times. From the responses I’ve received and the news in general and information that’s just out there about STDs and STIs…people really don’t know much about HPV. My first writing, had some incorrect information because I was freaked …

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Apr 25 2017

Episode 049: The Pageist Talks Health and Kink

Episode the forty-ninth; Wherein the Pageist talks about health and kink–sexual health, mental health and physical health. Just, all the health. .53 Intro and Announcements: TPOKRadio is streaming 24/7! Check it out here. Darkside Magazine is also sponsoring all of the shows on the station. It’s a magazine for kinky people of various persuasions and …

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Jun 05 2016

Making Myself Believe It: Rage Like a Living Thing

[Trigger Warning: Rape, Molestation] I’ve written about having HPV before. Twice. Once about being baffled by the diagnosis and another about working out it was from an unconsensual experience twenty years ago. And then I was done. I’m a Stoic (head nod to my guy Marcus Aurelius, sup, Marco!) and I was just going to …

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Apr 07 2016

Abstinence-Only Flogging Education

Recently a friend wrote a post on Fetlife about behavior he found worrying—he’d witnessed (repeatedly) people using the same floggers on multiple people in one evening. Either at dungeons or play parties or whathaveyou. This is dangerous behavior, as it can theoretically spread certain STDs and STIs, which he went into, and then explained the …

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Mar 27 2016

Episode 009 Sunstone

Episode the Ninth; Wherein the Pageist deals with some heavy irony and learns who her friends are, passes on some important information to her listeners and reviews books full of pretty paintings of kinky lesbians. 00.55 Intro & Announcements: I guest hosted an episode of The People of Kink as part of multiple shows on the …

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Mar 17 2016

When the Good News is the Bad News and Vice Versa

Previously on WTF, Are You Kidding Me?!: Two and a half weeks ago I found out I have HPV. After doing some research I wrote an essay (HPV: The Cockroach of STDs) to deal with the initial influx of overwhelming emotions. Being an asexual lesbian I found this very surprising. People who don’t have sex …

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Mar 03 2016

HPV: The Cockroach of STDs

This was never supposed to happen to me. No, really. An STD was NEVER supposed to happen to me. I’m an asexual lesbian. As in, a woman who is romantically attracted to other women but is not interested in sexual contact. But today I learned that HPV can be passed by skin-to-skin contact. I learned …

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