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Dec 23 2016

Open House (1987)

This film heralds the genesis of a new tag on the site ‘so you don’t have to’. As in ‘I watched it so you don’t have to’. Woo boy. I found this through the Wikipedia article on BDSM in film, which doesn’t say what or how much kink is in any given piece of…cinema. I’ll …

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Nov 13 2016


Morosgovanyi (Csaba Czene) is an orderly to an exceedingly harsh lieutenant in the Hungarian military during the Second World War. Life is brutal so he spends time exploring his perversions (including sticking something flammable in his urethra) and fantasies (like getting a handjob from the Little Match Girl). One of these fantasies—which turns into one …

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Jan 15 2016

The Cell

Catherine Deane (Jennifer Lopez) is a child psychologist who has been working with a comatose boy for several months. She ‘works’ with him by going inside his mind–into his dreams, sort of. Look, this is science fiction and you’re just going to have to work with us if you want to get to the fetishwear, …

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Aug 07 2015

A Serbian Film

[This is a review of the uncut version. Spoilers will be behind spoiler tags. Go with God.] Milos (Srdan Todorovic) was a once a well-known porn star who hasn’t worked in awhile. Burnt out on the business, he’s happily married to Marija (Jelena Gavrilovic) and they have a six year old boy, Petar (Luka Mijatovic). …

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Jul 24 2015

Little Deaths

Little Deaths is a collection of three short horror films—the first and third have BDSM as a main component and the middle one…the less said about that one the better. House and Home A well-to-do couple picks up homeless women and has sadistic sex with them after verbally degrading them over a nice meal. This …

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