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Feb 03 2017

Made in Serbia

If Kevin Smith had made a documentary about the Serbian porn industry, prior to making Clerks—this would be that film. I’m 90% certain this is a documentary, by the way. 95%. I’m pretty sure this is real. The premise/story is that the filmmaker Nenad Bekvalac missed his ex-girlfriend who was a stripper-turned-porn star. She’s now …

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Dec 09 2016

Romance 1999

A couple who’ve been together a few months are having difficulties because the man—Paul (Sagamore Stevenin) is no longer interested in sex. He doesn’t think it’s important. Marie (Caroline Ducey) heartily disagrees. She wants to be with him every night. He gives her tacit permission to have an affair—or at least wouldn’t be bothered if …

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Feb 12 2016

Gaspar Noe’s Love

I wasn’t looking at the screen when Gaspar Noe’s Love started—I was looking at my laptop—and the first thing I hear is Bean saying, ‘Well, dang.’ I look up and, on my Netflix-showing screen is a woman stroking a very erect dick with her face right next to it while a dude is enthusiastically fingering …

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Feb 05 2016

Matinee 2009 (short film)

Two theatre actors have been struggling with a scene in the play they’re in. Before the matinee performance Daniel (Steven McAlistair—NOT Alan Cumming) goes to talk to his co-star Mariah (Alicia Whitsover) about ‘art’ and ‘truth’ or something. He tries reblocking—changing the way they move during the scene—without the director’s approval or even anyone else …

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Oct 23 2015

Nymphomaniac Extended Director’s Cut

There are certain films on the Wikipedia page of ‘BDSM in Film‘ that I have no interest in seeing. Until last week Lars von Trier’s epic Nymphomaniac was on that list—it was too long and the trailer didn’t make it look like anything I would enjoy. (And though I’d liked Melancholia, Antichrist made me want …

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