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Feb 09 2017

Episode 043: Kink Craft’s Pixie and Andrew

Episode the forty-third; Wherein the Pageist chats with Pixie and Andrew of Kink Craft, a DIY kink gear shop that teaches people how to make their own toys. .47 Intro & Announcements: The show is in Myanmar (also known as Burma)! We’ve received three survey responses. Hello and thank you and keep being you. Site …

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Jan 02 2017

Shop Review: Kink Craft

General Description Kink Craft is a DIY sex toy company based in Britain. The site is clean, uncluttered and includes a blog and podcast. Features The site has videos on how to make BDSM toys including paracord floggers, various types of paracord handcuffs, zippers (not the type that goes on jackets) and more. There are …

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Apr 09 2016

How to Clean a Flogger and Why with daddyjohny

This is the post to which I was referring in my essay on Thursday about the people preaching abstinence-only flogging education. In it, DaddyJohny talks about possibly unsafe behavior that goes on in the scene and a way to minimize risk by cleaning floggers. The original post is here on Fetlife, if you’d like to …

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Sep 08 2015

30 Days of Kink Day 8: An Erotic Image

Day 8: Post a kinky image you find erotic. Every Wednesday I post an image—most of which would fit this criteria. Have another one just for today, though. Scads more of his work here.

Aug 12 2015

A Surprise for Her Love

Jun 09 2015

The Most Beautiful Flogger

I got the image from [dead link] though I would love to know where this beauty came from. It’s my birthday today. So I’m posting this gorgeousness. And this gorgeousness: (Screenshot courtesy of one of the RabesBabes–you know who you are–thank you, lovely.) Because you *know* the Ultimate Domme up there would own that flogger. …

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