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Episode 046: AliceinBondageLand and FLR

Episode the forty-sixth; Wherein the Pageist discusses female led relationships with the inimitable AliceinBondageLand–why people enjoy them and how to start one. TPOK Radio is sponsored in part by Church of Sinvention. Use TPOK10 to get 10% off! .52 Intro & Announcements: The show is now in Bulgaria. Two survey responses. If you’d like to […]

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Episode 041: AliceinBondageLand

Episode the forty-first; Wherein the Pageist has a grand time talking with AliceinBondageLand, who puts the fun back in FemDom! .48 Intro & Announcements: This is the second episode in two days, so there isn’t much ‘news’. 1.19 Interview: I have a crush on AliceinBondageLand. She will be back. Her website is: AliceinBondageLand.com On Twitter: […]

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Episode 017 Female Led Relationships

Episode the Seventeenth; Wherein the Pageist learns the importance of sticking to her diet in her dotage, but doesn’t allow ageing to dampen her love of coloring books. This week’s book reviews are a trilogy of non-fiction books about Female Led Relationships by NookieNotes. 0.53 Intro & Announcements: Butterflies, Dragonflies and Toadstools coloring book Kickstarter […]

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