Con Drop and Cough Drops

I have returned from Eroticon (which was enormous fun) with some sort of illness (not any amount of fun). Walter had it as we arrived in London on Friday and it began for me as we returned Sunday evening or Monday morning. I can’t recall now, as I’m pretty zapped.

I have a cough and sore throat and generally no energy or will to move. I’ll be posting some photos left over from the conference that I didn’t post at the time, but mostly I’ll be reading this week’s book and sleeping.

The poetry for patrons and Romance of Lust readings will be late, due to the bleurgy, as will, probably, the podcast episode this week, considering how frequently I have to keep checking what day it is, between long periods of staring at nothing. Time has acquired an oddly fluid quality that I don’t care for.

Thank you for your patience. As a reward (I guess, I hope) have this:

I was saving up for a new computer so I didn’t have a budget for much, but I did buy a toy from Godemiche (pronounced god-mee-SHAY).

The Apprentice–it’s for your butt.

In case you can’t tell what it looks like… for size comparison:

The mug was a freebie from girlonthenet, who is wonderful.

I’ve wanted a smoother, thinner toy for awhile now, since penetration isn’t my thing but I need to learn to deal/cope with or, perhaps, enjoy it, one day, since I have to have regular pap smears, thanks to having HPV.

The plan was to have something smaller and frictionless to use to begin working up to a more ‘typical’ size during my medicinal play sessions.

I’m a basic sort of person–if something is available in black, that’s what I’m going for. Shoes, underwear, coats, bags, sex toys.

But Godemiche has some incredible colours–they’re pretty on their site, but I’ve seen them in person and can attest to their beauty up close.

The owners of the company were there and they’re both passionate about what they do–they clearly love it. We chatted for a bit and their enthusiasm was infectious.

I haven’t tried mine yet because nothing is less sexy than feeling sick, but I plan to write a review at some point, so you’ll hear about it eventually.

Eroticon 2017 Post


If you’re reading this, I must be at Eroticon 2017.

I’ve already written a virtual introduction post for fellow attendees, but for those of you not in Londontown this weekend, Eroticon is a gathering of people who write about sex (sex bloggers, erotica writers and so on) to learn how to improve their craft. Both from a practical stand-point, like learning about the impact obscenity laws have on their work or how to come up with enough ideas for blog posts, to creative classes—how to write scenes that are more dynamic and not run-of-the-mill.

Wordy people who talk and write about sex. I’m so happy. Nerds! Words! Sex! People who get what I do is an actual job that’s hard but rewarding! MY PEOPLE!

Some of the people presenting are Kate Lister (Whores of Yore) and Girl on the Net. Fangirl gasping is happening. (I reviewed Girl on the Net’s memoir in this episode of the show–it was dreadful.)

Kink Craft is doing workshops and I am there. I’m looking forward to meeting Pixie and Andrew in person, as well and making a couple things to bring back with me. (I’ve reviewed their shop, podcast and their DIY mini-flogger. And had them on the show. They’re okay people, I suppose.)

I’ll be taking pictures all weekend, which you can find on the Instagram account (no faces, unless a particular person says it’s okay, but the plan is no faces at all at the moment.) If you’re not on Instagram, the most recent four photos are always in the side bar (on the desktop version of the site).

I’ll also be hitting up the vendor area, which has a book stall(!!) run by Victoria Blisse of SmutUK. I mean, of course it has a book stall, but I’m very happy about this. Hopefully they’ll let me drop off some bookmarks for any and everyone to avail themselves of.

I must admit, I’m proud of the bookmarks. Walter made them.

Other vendors include several sex toy manufacturers (including Doxy—someone hold my wallet) and Freedoms Shop, which is a condom and lube supplier run by the NHS. They buy such large numbers of product they can offer quite good deals on everything they sell, which includes home STI testing kits.

There’s a vendor called Hot Octopuss that makes a sex toy for penises that’s so interesting it makes me wish I had a dick so I could try it.

Other sponsors of the conference are listed here—check them out. Some are providing snacks or lunch or helped fund tickets for people. If you like quality sex writing (and sex toys and other things) consider patronising these fine people.

I’ve already ordered the Eroticon Anthology, which includes writing from speakers and attendees, both fiction and non-fiction. My goal is to have something of my own included in the one next year. We’ll see if that comes to fruition. I’m sure I’ll wind up reviewing this year’s anthology on the show at some point and discover all sorts of new writers.

My schedule for the conference is packed, but I tire easily so here’s hoping I can push through and attend everything I’d like. This means next week’s schedule on the site will probably be light, as I don’t know how long I’ll need to recover from all the traveling and intense peopling. I’ve scheduled a post for this Sunday and next Tuesday, but I have a feeling I’ll be face down in bed for a couple days solid once I return.

If you try to contact me between now and next Tuesday, I’m not ignoring you, I’m just in people-overload and am doling out spoons with care.

Eroticon 2017 Virtual Introduction


NAME (and Twitter if you have one)

Paige, sometimes people call me The Pageist. @thepageist

What are you hoping to get out of Eroticon 2017?

This is my first Eroticon so I’m looking forward to meeting people whose work I enjoy and who have experience doing what I’m still fairly new at.

Simply being around other people who do a similar job and understand the wonderful weirdness involved (that an ‘erotic creative’ can’t necessarily share with the other people in their lives) will be refreshing.

I suppose I’m most hoping to get community out of this year’s Eroticon.

This year’s schedule at Eroticon is pretty full on, but which 4 sessions do you already have marked down as ones you want to attend?

Plotting the Erotic Story (led by Ashley Lister). Learning how to be a better writer also improves a person’s critical reading skills, which will benefit the book reviews I do for my podcast. Two-for-one special, there.

A History of Erotic Writing and Obscenity in Britain (led by Kate Lister a.k.a. Whores of Yore). I’m a big fan of the Whores of Yore Twitter account and this talk would be right up my street anyway, so the fact that it’s being taught by someone whose work I’m into is a bonus.

Alternative Endings (led by Rachel Kincaid). I am always interested in new ways of approaching story and since my own kinks are a little different from the typical erotica fare (meaning I’m going to have to write my own) this class seems relevant to my interests.

How to use your blog to educate (led by Emmeline Peaches, Formidable Femme, Hot Octopus). One of the reasons I started my blog was in order to educate so… yup.

Also, I’ll be camped out with the Kink Craft people, making some fun stuff. I wouldn’t miss that for anything. I interviewed them on my show about what they’d be making this year and I’m very excited.

Tell us one thing about yourself that not many people know.

This is difficult because I tend to feel like I rabbit away at people, yammering all about myself. Then it turns out I’ve known someone for five years and they think I’m an only child because I’ve somehow never mentioned I have four half-siblings, eleven nieces and nephews and six great-nieces and nephews.

I keep more to myself than I realise so I don’t know what most people don’t know.

If you made the papers, what would the headline be?

Idiot American (who’s lived in England long enough to know better) hit by bus after looking wrong way AGAIN.

If you could have one skill for free (i.e. without practice/time/effort) what would it be?

The ability to play the violin by ear so I could play any song I heard on piano, guitar, etc on violin.

Complete the sentence: I love it when…

People neither tell me to smile nor comment on the fact that my resting expression looks like that of a serial killer—they just let my face sit on the front of my head without feeling the need to make me self-conscious about it. My skull carts my brain around—it’s purely decorative. I’m more concerned with what’s in it than its appearance.


[If you’d like to see introductions of more people coming to Eroticon, check this page.]