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Apr 11 2017

BDSM by Ayzad (Extended Review)

This is the text version of the review from episode 48. With a bonus section at the end that wasn’t in the show. First, the part from the episode: The book this episode is BDSM: A Guide for Explorers of Extreme Eroticism by Ayzad. I received this book for free, but that isn’t going to …

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Apr 06 2017

Episode 048: BDSM by Ayzad

Episode the forty-eighth; Wherein the pageist is glad to be back, expresses gratitude for fans, and talks about why nudity is boring. The book reviewed is BDSM: A Guide for Explorers of Extreme Eroticism by Ayzad. .54 Intro & Announcements: TPOK Radio is now streaming 24/7 just like … well, radio. You can listen to …

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Nov 26 2016

Periodicals: Sex and Sales

This is the first Periodical Section, which will be replacing Mentor posts. Like the periodical section of a library, these posts will contain links to articles, essays and sales that have crossed my screens in the previous week or two and may be of interest to the kinky, sex positive people who read the site …

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Oct 11 2016

Toybag Guides to Taboo and Age Play

[This is the text of the book reviews from episode 26 of the podcast.] The books this episode are the Toybag Guide to Playing with Taboo by Mollena Williams and The Toybag Guide to Age Play by Lee ‘Bridgett’ Harrington. Two episodes ago I said I wasn’t going to review these so soon, as I …

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Jun 13 2015

Mommy & Daddy Doms and Little Girls & Boys

This post is about Daddy Doms (DD) [the female equivalent is Mommy Dommes (MD)] and their submissives little girls or little boys (lg or lb). It’s not something I’m personally into but it is interesting and there are some misconceptions about the dynamic. I’m all about education and the post below explains terminology and dispels …

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May 30 2015

Dungeon Etiquette with Ivy Leigh

This Saturday our mentors writing comes from Miss Ivy Leigh on FetLife and it concerns Dungeon Etiquette. Take it away.   Why Yes, I am a Bitch: About Dungeon Etiquette I have screwed up when it comes to dungeon etiquette. I have inadvertently walked into scenes. I have talked too loudly around a scene. I …

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May 26 2015

The New Bottoming Book

Like The New Topping Book, this is an updated version of a previous book (this time it was The Bottoming Book: How to Get Terrible Things Done to You by Wonderful People). The edition I read was published in 2001, roughly ten years after the original. Both books are by BDSM veterans Dossie Easton and Janet …

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May 19 2015

The New Topping Book

The original version (The Topping Book) was published in 1994. The edition I read(The New Topping Book) was published ten years later. Amazon lists another edition that was published in 2011, which may be more current in terms of terminology regarding the internet (or the ‘Net as they say in the second edition). I’m a …

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