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Apr 28 2017

Washing up and the Digital Economy Bill

The Digital Economy Bill has become law. This is Bad News with a capital What. The. Fuck. Even with the way the news has been going in the previous, oh, eleven months :cough:Brexitkickedthisshitoff:cough:, THIS still ranks up there in poorly-thought-out ‘WHY, though?!’ legislative decisions. {This post is being clattered out in a rush when I’m …

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Jun 30 2016

Episode 016 The Pageist Talks Toxic Masculinity

Episode the Sixteenth; Wherein the Pageist goes her own way whilst Britain attempts to do the same, (hopefully she’ll have better luck). The topic is toxic masculinity and the messages that lead to rape culture and mass violence. Book reviews return next week. 00.50 Intro & Announcements Listener Survey (anonymous and quick and earns my …

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May 03 2016

May is International Masturbation Month

Much like October having an identity crisis over whether or not it’s National or International Kink Month, there seems to be some confusion over whether the masturbation awareness/celebration is to be on a national or international level for the month of May. According to the creators of the day, though, Good Vibrations, it is International Masturbation …

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Aug 29 2015

Ashley Madison and Kink with Mixtape Heart

Recently, website-for-cheaters Ashley Madison was hacked and the personal information of the members was posted online. It was schadenfreude on a massive scale. Mixtape Heart did an excellent piece of writing over on FetLife in response to the response. Don’t Cheer for Ashley Madison Going Down Just Yet If the Ashley Madison hack didn’t send …

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