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Jan 18 2017

Outing: The Nuclear Option

Outing is the second worst thing you can do to a person as a kinky individual. The first is consent violation. Outing someone is a consent violation in its own right. What dragged this to the forefront of my mind and put a big spotlight on it was someone who knew of the show invited …

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Mar 19 2016

Consent Accidents and Violations with Charlie Glickman

Charlie Glickman is a sex educator and all round awesome guy. This is a longer post, but it’s full of valuable information about consent. Consent Accidents and Consent Violations I was at a discussion group recently and someone shared a term that I hadn’t heard before: consent accidents. This is a really valuable nuance in …

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Jul 25 2015

Women Can Violate Consent Too

This week’s mentor post comes from LunaLux and addresses the fact that yes, women can violate consent, too. Having been on the receiving end of consent violations from women and having it disregarded by others as ‘no big deal’ because, as we all know, women aren’t real people and, therefore, aren’t anything to be afraid …

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