Small Favors Deluxe Hardcover Edition by Colleen Coover

Small Favors deluxe hardback cover

The hardback cover. (source)

[This is the text of the book review from episode 55.]

This episode’s review is of Small Favors by Colleen Coover, published by Limerence Press.

Unlike some of the books I review I did not receive this one for free—I’ve purchased this book many times, in fact.

First, I bought each of the separate comic issues when they were released—there were eight of them between 2000 and 2003.

Then both of the collected volumes, which, between the two of them, brought together issues one through seven.

The edition I’m reviewing today is the hardcover deluxe version that was just released in May.

It collects all eight issues—the final issue is in colour—as well as sketches, pin ups, other behind the scenes bits and pieces and a new short story.

First, book as object. Since it’s billed as a deluxe edition.

It’s quite lovely—there’s no book cover to flap around and get in your way, the cover image and title are printed on the front. It’s rather classy.

The pages are sewn in so it’s solid and the headband (that cloth bit that sticks up at the top of the spine of some books) has gold glittery thread in it, which is a nice touch.

Small favors glittery headband

The end papers are a heavy weight colour I’m not going to describe because it’s not gold or beige and whatever I say will be wrong. It’s in the lightish yellow range.

Small Favors end papers

It’s whatever colour you call this.

About the only thing missing is a sewn-in bookmark, but you don’t really need it, as it’s a comic and it took around an hour and a half to read the entire book. I could have definitely spent more time over certain pages, though.

Oh yes, and it smells good. Because it’s a nice weight paper with lots of ink due to it being a comic.

Now, on to content.

Issue one of Small Favours is about Annie, who is fantasising about her cute girl neighbour. She’s having quite the vigorous wank, totally nude in the back garden, when suddenly, she’s absorbed by the ground and lands in some nether-realm where a stately, Queenly type figure and her apprentice (who are both teeny, tiny) paralyse her with magic.

These two beings represent her conscience. They stand on her naked chest and inform Annie that at the age of twenty-one she’s already used her life-time allotment of masturbation. To prove how salacious the girl is, she produces polaroids of her fiddling with herself in all sorts of situations.

Annie protests saying, ‘So I masturbate a little’

Queenly exclaims: ‘A little?! These were all taken on the same day!’

Small favors proof

They tell her she’s simply got to behave herself from now on and in order to facilitate this, she’s been assigned this pixie-like creature named Nibbil. Nibbil has big blonde pigtails and appears to be wearing a black latex bikini with over the elbow matching latex gloves.

Her job will be to ensure Annie acts like a proper young lady from now on.

While the Queen and her assistant—whose name is Janus and I’ll get back to her—are blathering on about her moral turpitude or whatever, Nibbil has an eye-full of those polaroids of Annie diddling herself hither and yon.

The Queen and Janus go off to magically bond Nibbil and Annie together forevermore and our little pixie girl has discovered she’s utterly turned on by those photos.

Whatever is a tiny pixie girl to do?

Sometimes things are so large we don’t see them. Annie is just so big she doesn’t notice her there anymore—she thinks she’s alone. She’s super turned on, though, and sees a protrusion (hint: it’s Annie’s nipple) and hops on.

She’s having a grand ol’ time, then notices that she’s being watched and introduces herself.

‘Ummm, Hi, Annie! My name’s Nibbil! Gosh! I hope you don’t mind me fucking myself on your nipple!’

‘No. I like this. I like dirty girls.’

Having been given permission, Nibbil resumes her previous endeavours, now with the onomatopoeia of ‘boing boing boing boing’ and an expression of utter glee on her little face.

Small Favors dirty girls

This entire comic is very funny. I laughed out loud many times.

Then, Annie is all turned on, but she can’t move—she’s immobilised by magic still—so she asks Nibbil to help her out.

And she does—what a sweetie.

Small Favors Nibbil Helps Annie

Nibbil ‘helping’ out.

Once they’re both thoroughly satisfied, the Queen and Janus return to announce the women are irrevocably bonded. Nibbil will be keeping Annie in line in perpetuity.

No, they didn’t see what happened.

The takeaway is Nibbil is magic and very sweet, if not the brightest crayon in the box.

Throughout the following issues (which become chapters in the deluxe edition) we learn that Nibbil can grow to human size. So they take turns wielding the strap on. They’re switches in pretty much every way.

Sometimes Nibbil stays small and they play with that in all sorts of ways.

There’s a poly element in that our pixie friend encourages Annie to approach the hot neighbour she was lusting over when they were first introduced and thoroughly enjoys Annie’s enjoyment.

They also meet another girl at one point and have some three-way fun.

Small Favors Threeway

Like so.

Then there’s an orgy involving five people—all women. There are only vulva-having ladies in this book.

Small Favors lesbian orgy

Why isn’t this a live-action film yet?

At one point, Janus, the Queen’s assistant, is sent to check up on Nibbil and Annie.

I love Janus.

Janus wears glasses and a prim dress and has her hair in a bun and is usually carrying books—the titles of which reflect her inner thoughts. Like ‘The Clean Human Being’ and ‘Humility’

Her goal is to please the Queen and receive her approval and admiration. This is her kink.

Small Favors Janus is the best

This is what Janus thinks will happen when she finds the girls debauching one another.

As she’s walking up the drive to do the check in, she grouses,

small favors janus

That being at the top is Bean (not my Bean–she’s an actual person.)

Meanwhile, inside the house, Annie is going down on Nibbil, who suddenly starts crying and then this conversation happens:

Annie says: Oh no! I’m sorry! I thought you liked it when I licked you there! Oh no!

And Nibbil says:

small favors colleen coover nummy titties

So they’re running around the house like lunatics trying to clean everything up so Nibbil won’t get into trouble.
And something really good happens, but I’m not going to tell you what because spoilers.

Part of why I have such affection for Small Favors is nostalgia—it was released when I was a young-ish lesbian. And I hadn’t seen anything like it—I still haven’t.

It’s as graphic as it’s possible to be.

I gave a copy of the first collection to my friend Bean for her birthday one year and we were walking in public when she flipped through it and went, ‘Whoa, that’s graphic, I need to put this is my bag, hold up.’

It’s pretty much cartoon labia on nearly every page.

small favors annie masturbate


small favors nibbil masturbating


small favors toys


But it’s also very sweet and funny.

It’s also quite kinky! I didn’t realise. Because I was a kinky person but didn’t know it back then—I just thought it was the normal way to be—but looking at it now a vanilla person might be annoyed by all the spankings and bondage and such.

There’s even a story called ‘How to Spank Girls’.

Small Favors spankings

Which includes one of my all-time favourite comic panels, ever.

Note to my younger self: This isn’t the sort of thing vanilla people find normal. Find a clue, your life will be better for it.

I mean, in the very opening—Annie is fantasising about attaching her cute neighbour to the washing line with clothes pins by the nipples so she can do other naughty things to her. Sure. Everyone thinks about that.

Small Favors clothes pins on nipples


At the same time—there’s so much explicit consent. There’s a lot of people checking in or affirming their desire to do things. Which is definitely not something you see in BDSM porn—or any porn, really. People usually just go with the fantasy of power. I give Coover much credit for that.

So, it’s super fun and the physical version is high quality and I’m very happy. The end.


Episode 055: Small Favors

Episode the fifty-fifth; Wherein the Pageist expresses gratitude for community, friends and the best listeners in the world. The book reviewed is Small Favors: the definitive girly porno collection by Colleen Coover.

.45 Intro and Announcements:

  • The show has a new Patreon supporter! Effusive thanks to Dave!

1.48 My Submissive Life:

10.15 Book Review:

Small Favors deluxe hardback cover

The hardback cover. (source)

  • This episode’s book is Small Favors: the definitive girly porno collection by Colleen Coover.
    It collects the full run of the popular (very) explicit lesbian comic that ran from 2000-2003, including all seven of the black and white issues and the previously uncollected eighth colour issue. Also included is a new short story, pin-ups, sketches and other bits and bobs.
    It’s kinky and fun-loving (and hilarious). I had forgotten how funny.
    The premise is that Annie has used her lifetime allotment of masturbation by the age of twenty-one and the adorable Nibbil has been sent from another realm to make sure she behaves herself forevermore. They are irrevocably bonded through magic and, well, Nibbil is a naughty little someone herself.
    They thoroughly enjoy their bond (and bondage). Though it doesn’t remain just the two of them for long, as Nibbil understands compersion well and encourages Annie to explore whatever and whomever she’d like. Her cute neighbour, for example.
    This is such a fun time while demonstrating healthy kink and that lesbians can get down with the best of them.
  • Check out the artist’s website for more information about the author and her work:


20.48 Closing Remarks:

Sex Criminals Volumes 1-3



[This is the text of the book review from episode twenty-three of The Pageist.]

The books this episode are the first three volumes of Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. A sexy comic about a couple of people who stop time whenever they orgasm. Each volume collects five issues of the comic, which is still being produced.

Book one, entitled One Weird Trick, introduces us to our protagonists, Suzie Dickson and Jon Johnson (really, with the names, you guys?) and explains how they each discovered their gift. Then how they got together.

Suzie’s a librarian—she fell in love with libraries when she was doing research trying to figure out why time stopped when she got her jollies—and now the bank wants to foreclose on the property.

Jon—whose dick glows, but I’ll get back to that—suggests they rob banks to pay off what the library owes—just a little money here and there—using their power. Basically, have sex nearby, go in, take a little cash, and leave. No one’s the wiser. He happens to work at the bank that wants to foreclose on her library.

Back to the glowing appendage of delight—it looks like a glow stick. In the comic you can’t really see it because it radiates light when he’s erect. Which makes me wonder why Suzie’s clit doesn’t glow. It’s the same physiological response and same sort of biological tissue. If it glowed maybe guys would have an easier time finding it. Or maybe they’d just think of it as a runway light guiding them in.

Anyway, when younger, Suzie used her powers for good—or at least she didn’t do anything harmful. Jon had a different sort of upbringing (both characters have backstories that help make sense of some of their decisions). Our male protagonist also has some mental health issues, which lead to…well… he poops in his boss’ potted tree. It makes sense in the story.

So they’re doing the sex—which isn’t as graphic as I was expecting, but that’s perfectly fine—and having the orgasms and robbing the banks for small amounts of cash, which they give back to the bank in order to stave off losing the library.

You know, as you do.

But. It turns out our intrepid humping bandits aren’t the only people on Earth with their abilities. There are others. And they are watched over by people Jon and Suzie call the Sex Police. Which is led by a woman Suzie calls Kegelface. Because she always looks like she’s doing kegels.

The Sex Police make life difficult for our friends, indeed.



The second volume is called Two Worlds, One Cop. I would like to officially state: Ewww.

Our frisky friends know they can’t keep up their shenanigans because Kegelface and her two helpers aren’t going to stop chasing them down.

Then things happen that I can’t talk about due to spoilers, but I will say there’s a fight in someone’s personal dungeon that involves a LOT of dildos.

There’s also other kinkiness involved regarding one of a secondary character’s parents. Always knock, kids.

A spoilery thing happens and sets Jon off—they’re going to fight the Sex Police! They’re going to demand to be treated with respect!

So they have to round up someone to help.

I hadn’t received the third volume when I finished the second and I have never been so on the edge of my seat about a comic before. They can tell a story, these guys. The artwork is entirely decent, too.

In the second book—the beginning of chapter/issue 9 something happens and I have no idea what it was. Someone please explain it to me. It was part of a new character’s backstory—I do love all of those, I must say—and … what? What happened? I must have looked at it twenty times.



Volume three introduces more characters—including something for the Hentai fans and yet another fight in a dong dungeon (a different one this time). Also an asexual character! I was so happy! They did it so well! Never in a million years was I expecting an asexual in a comic called Sex Criminals so well done, Chip and Matt.

Most chapters—which are issues of the comic—are about one character—giving us a person’s history and how they wound up in the story. Occasionally, a chapter will focus more on the story as it is or a particular group of characters.

In one scene in the third book Jon wears a shirt that says, ‘Um, actually everybody loves a pedant.’ I would like this shirt, please. It doesn’t exist, I checked.

The authors get creative occasionally. They’re not scared to go meta and they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Each book has bonus material at the end. Covers from the issues—which are great, I dig the aesthetic—and other fun things. In the first book, after discovering her gift, Suzie goes to the school sluts because she figures they’ll know why it happens.

One of the girls takes her into a bathroom stall and tells her, just, all about sex. It’s just like some of the conversations I remember having. Where one person states the most nonsensical thing with confidence and the other kids, because they don’t know better say, ‘Wow, yeah, I think I’ve heard of that.’

In the back of the first book there’s a page full of the names for the sex positions this girl made up. Only a handful were illustrated in the final comic, but the full page has dozens. Here’s a new grown up party game. Someone chooses one of these words and everyone has to either describe what happens during that act or they draw it. I shall read a few to give you an idea of the genius:

Frunging, Hambo, Brifknockin’, The Walking Head, Winterizing the House, The Tip Top Cheerio Guvnor, The World Service, Butt-Nugging, Corinthian Lather and my personal favorite, The Maybe He’ll Like Me.

That’s not even the tip of the iceberg. People who are fans of the comic are called Brimpers, as that was one of the acts illustrated in the comic. Brimping. The best description I have for this act (from the drawing in the book) is: a person with long hair kneels on the floor facing away from a person with a penis. Said penis haver then pulls the long hair up as though they’re going to put it in a ponytail on top of the head. The erect penis is then pushed through the hair being held straight up until it pokes out the front, over the long-hair haver’s head. I’m not sure how enough friction can be achieved, but it’s probably something hair fetishists already do.

Universal has signed a deal with Matt Fraction to adapt the books for the small screen. Let’s hope it’s on cable, because you won’t get to see glowing dick on free-to-view.

[It occurred to me after recording the episode I didn’t rate these. They were great fun and had me wanting more. If you’re looking for well-written, well-drawn, sexy comics that will have you on the edge of your seat then they’re a 5 of 5.]

Episode 023 Sex Criminals Volumes 1-3

Episode the twenty-third; Wherein the Pageist explores a new app for kinksters, laughs until she cries at a podcast and develops some new ideas for sadistic roleplay. The books reviewed this episode are the first three volumes of the comic Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky.

.50 Intro & Announcements:

  • The show is in Estonia and Nepal.
  • Welcome to the newest Facebook fan, Alice!
  • I’ve tried out a new app called Kinkd (it doesn’t seem to have a website, sorry), but I do like the app.
  • The podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno has been keeping Walter and I very entertained. The website is here. The podcast is on iTunes and probably Android somewhere, and can also be heard here.
  • Pre-order the book here.

4.45 My Submissive Life:

  • The move date approaches!
  • I get cozy with my inner sadist and ponder the ways our various kink roles are intrinsic to who we are.

7.57 Book Review:

  • This episode, the books are the first three volumes of Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, which is about two people who stop time when they orgasm. They use this power to rob banks.
  • More information about the television series in the works: here.

17.06 Closing Remarks:

  • Thank you for tuning in!
  • In the next episode I’ll be interviewing Lee Harrington, author, educator and host of Passion and Soul.
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Sunstone Volumes 1 Through 4

This is the text of the review from episode 9 of the podcast. Some of it appeared in an earlier review, but this has been updated and expanded to include volume four in the series and to discuss other characters and themes.

The previous review has some spoilers behind hide tags, if you’re the curious type or have already read the first three books.



This episode’s book review is actually a review of four books—the first four volumes of Steven Sejic’s comic Sunstone. It’s not a typical ‘collection’ of comics in each volume, as they were never published in print format—the story was created on DeviantArt. It’s still there and still being created and you can read the entire thing for free.

I am prone to migraines and thought trying to read a comic this detailed on a computer screen would make my eyes eject themselves from my head, so I opted to purchase the physical copies.

That was a wise decision, as Sejic reworks the artwork and lettering for printing. The print version is much less cartoony and much smoother (though the online version is still impressive and beautiful).

Both have their merits, I happen to prefer the print version—you can look at the DeviantArt site (there are images from the books there, as well) and decide if the books are worth it for you.

The artwork is digital but some of it looks like oil painting. It’s incredible. My husband and I have special names for those who have far more talent and skill than we ever will. We call them ‘bastards’ and ‘these fucking people’. ‘Would you look at this bastard?’ ‘Man, it’s another one of these fucking people. I mean, why do I get out of bed?’

Sejic is one of these fucking people. But at least us peasants get to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Okay. So, the premise.

From Sejic's DeviantArt page

From Sejic’s DeviantArt page

Sunstone is about Allison and Lisa, two women who meet online in a BDSM chatroom and eventually decide to play together in person.

It’s going to be light! And fun! Just some sexy, sexy time! You know, where one gets all bondaged up and beaten a little bit and the other gets to be a big, scary dominant type.

I mean, how do you spend a Saturday night?

But then emotions get involved like the pain in the asses they are and everything just gets are blerg. But sexy blerg.

The story is written from some indeterminate point in the future and we learn from the start that Lisa has been given permission from everyone involved to tell their stories. They’ve also told their parts of the story to her solving the ‘how could she possibly know that’ question for certain parts.

Other characters involved in the books:

Allison is the Dominant one and there’s her best friend, Alan. He’s also a D-type. He now designs fetishwear and fetish gear for clients including performers at the local BDSM club, Crimson. Ally and Alan first explored their kinkier sides together at university and are just friends now, but have zero boundaries.

Alan has a vanilla business partner, Chris. He’s tolerant of the kinky stuff but he’s also a little creeped out.

Chris’s sister, Cassie and her husband, Tom, got into BDSM after meeting Alan. They’re just learning and it’s very much just a bedroom thing for them. Poor Cassie is no good with rope, which is hilarious.

Lisa’s colleague at her diner job has a minor role thus far, though I have a feeling she’ll feature more heavily in future.

Anne is Cassie’s long-time friend and she’s very vanilla to the point of being a little squicked out. As her friend has begun exploring her kinkier side Anne has tried to be supportive by doing research online. Which seems to me to be a fast way to learn there are some extremely perverted people in the world, but you do you, as the kids say.

Anne becomes more important in later volumes. She’s also involved with other character’s lives because she’s a gifted tattooer.

There are a lot of redheads in this. Therefore I was immediately a fan. It was about kinky lesbians. Fan and fan. The artwork is amazing—dude can paint a nipple, okay? And I’ve laughed out loud a few times, as well.

Each character has their own emotional life and motivation. Each has their own insecurities and shortcomings and strengths.

We learn various character’s kink backstories or just general life backstories as part of larger arcs unfold.

The fetish gear and apparatus is inventive and varied. I give Sejic credit for his imagination or kink image library. The main texture favored by the protagonists being latex.

All sorts of good things happening in these books, is what I’m saying.

There are some some problems, too, though.

Ally lives in a giant house (there’s an explanation for that) and has a ridiculously huge fetish wardrobe (there’s an explanation for that, too) as well as an inordinate number of toys and such (there’s an…well, you get the idea).

I know that we’re not supposed to look to fiction for how to be kinky, but there are lots of conversations about what BDSM is and is not. And a lot of it is wrong. I don’t mean this in a One True Way sort of thing, I mean people who think being Dominant or submissive is all roleplay. After chatting online for a couple months, the women have one kinky night where Ally puts this big ass leather collar on Lisa and says, ‘I’m your Domme now’ and Lisa decides to wear this out to work the next day. She refers to Ally as her Domme for the following four volumes but they only have kinky sex and there’s no discussion of anything I would define as D/s at all. She’s just topping you, honey. I mean, she’s topping the holy hell out of you, but, uh…

I thought these two were supposed to know things about the scene?

And the use of Dominatrix and Domme interchangeably was a thing that happened. And calling scenes ‘sessions’… I was being picky, wasn’t I?

Then there’s the safety issues. People, don’t use this book as a guide. Don’t use any fiction book as a guide for BDSM safety, but certainly not one where two people who’ve known one another two months and have been playing together three weeks decide to employ a gag and not use a drop signal or any other safe signal because it’s more intimate. Ally is supposed to be hyper-concerned about safety due to a spoilery thing—she’s not an edge-player, yet here we are.

Occasionally an observation would be quite perceptive and accurate but then other times information would be so wrong it was almost baffling.

And the drama. I will give Sejic credit. He got the dyke drama right. The lesbosapphicus dramaticus is spot on. These two bitches have been whining about how they never meant to feel anything for one another since the first book. Sometimes I think it would be good if all women were as dead inside as I am because then they wouldn’t have all these feelings that I have to read about. I was with them for awhile, but after a certain point it starts to wear thin. Just fucking say something. If you don’t I’ll kill you and make it look like a kink accident. You clearly don’t care that much about safety so it won’t be too difficult.

The books sometimes have bonus material at the end—extra drawings, the characters in fetish pin up style poses, etc. The first volume has a super extra bonus, which is a spoiler (thanks, Sejic!). If you read the comic as he puts it up on DeviantArt it wouldn’t be news to you, but if you’re learning the story for the first time by reading the print version you wouldn’t know what he put at the end of the first volume. In fact, what he revealed still hasn’t happened even after the fourth volume was released. What I’m saying is, don’t read the bonus materials of the first volume if you don’t already know the story if you get the book. Just look at the sexy pictures.

The bonus materials in volume two are spoiler-free and there are no extras in three or four.

Overall, I’d give the series 4/5. I sincerely hope the next collection gets these two into a communication class (they need to go to Power Exchange Summit). I do enjoy it, and the eye candy is worth the inaccuracies.

Sunstone by Stjepan Sejic


This is a review of the first three collected volumes of Sunstone by Stjepan Sejic. The fourth volume will be released in January.

You can read the entire thing for free on DeviantArt starting here. I have chronic migraines, though so opted to purchase the collected volumes.

I’m glad I did. The artwork and lettering has been reworked and is much less cartoony and smoother in the print version. Both have their merits, but I prefer the books.

The artwork is digital, but some of it looks like oil painting. It’s really incredible.

Story. Sunstone is about Allison and Lisa, two women who meet online in a BDSM chatroom and eventually decide to play together in person.

It’s going to be light! It’s going to be fun! It’s just going to be sexytimes!

Where one of them gets bondaged up and beaten a little bit and the other is a big, scary dominant. You know, normal stuff.

But then the emotions get involved. Which wasn’t something either of them was looking for.

The story is written from some indeterminate point in the future and we learn at the start that Lisa has been given permission from everyone involved to tell their stories–they’ve also told their parts of the story to her solving the ‘how could she know that’ question for certain parts.

Aside from Ally and Lisa, there’s Ally’s best friend Alan, another D-type who now designs fetishwear and fetish gear for clients including performers at the local BDSM club, Crimson. Ally and Alan explored their kinkier sides together at university and have no boundaries.

Alan’s vanilla business partner’s kinky sister Cassie and her husband Tom (read it twice and it’ll make sense, I promise) feature regularly.

Cassie and Tom got into BDSM after meeting Alan, though they’re just learning and it’s very much a bedroom-only thing.

Lisa’s colleague at her diner job has a minor role thus far, but I have a feeling she may feature more heavily in future.

Anne is Cassie’s long-time friend and she’s very vanilla to the point of being a little squicked out. As her friend has begun exploring her kinkier side Anne has tried to be supportive…by doing research online.

There are a lot of redheads in this. Therefore I’m immediately a fan. As I’ve said already, the artwork is impressive. The guy can paint a nipple, I’ll say that. And I laughed out loud quite a few times, as well.

Each character has their own emotional life and motivation. Each one has their own insecurities and shortcomings and strengths.

Ally lives in a giant house (there’s an explanation for that) and has a ridiculously huge fetish wardrobe (there’s an explanation for that, too) as well as an inordinate number of toys and such (there’s… well, you get the idea).

Those things had me rolling my eyes, but stick with it–I assure you, all will be well. Enjoy the sexiness. Because, so sexy.

There are lots of conversations about what BDSM is and is not. And… I wouldn’t say all of those are correct.

For one: They know one another online for two months and then have one night together. During which Ally puts a heavy leather collar on her and calls herself Lisa’s Domme, which Lisa is a-okay with. Lisa wears the collar in public, all the time.

For two: There’s a moment where Lisa describes Domming and subbing as roleplay. It’s really not. People top and bottom and can play roles whilst doing so. But you are Dominant or submissive. It’s who you are.

For three: Lisa calls scenes ‘sessions’, which I’ve never heard before. Perhaps they’re called that in another part of the world or in the place Sejic lives, but everywhere I’ve seen and read and heard people talk about they’re called scenes.

For four: And this one really got me. Ally had Lisa completely bound and gagged and there was a monologue about how this was a test of a Dominant being able to read their submissive’s body language since they couldn’t use a safe word. Do what? Um. Give her something to hold onto that jingles she can drop or shake. At this point they’d been in a in-person relationship for three weeks I think and she was dismissive of, ‘Oh you can set up a series of eye blinks or a certain set of hums’ but it was really about your D-type being psychic. WHOA JUST WHOA to anyone reading this. NO! RED.

Due to a spoiler at the end of volume one (thanks, Sejic!) I know more than I’d like to about a character that’s recently been introduced. So if you haven’t read the comic on DeviantArt and therefore don’t know where the story is going I would recommend skipping the extra materials at the end of the first volume until… I don’t know when. The story hasn’t developed to the point he mentioned, but I know it’s coming now. (Again, thanks, man.) Once that happens in the collected volumes I’ll update this post and let you know. The extra materials in volume two are safe and there is no bonus content in the third volume.

I am really enjoying the story, though. And the artwork (niiiiipples). Just don’t get all your ideas about how kink works from this comic.