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Jun 21 2017

Small Favors Deluxe Hardcover Edition by Colleen Coover

small favors colleen coover nummy titties

[This is the text of the book review from episode 55.] This episode’s review is of Small Favors by Colleen Coover, published by Limerence Press. Unlike some of the books I review I did not receive this one for free—I’ve purchased this book many times, in fact. First, I bought each of the separate comic …

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Jun 17 2017

Episode 055: Small Favors

Small Favors deluxe hardback cover

Episode the fifty-fifth; Wherein the Pageist expresses gratitude for community, friends and the best listeners in the world. The book reviewed is Small Favors: the definitive girly porno collection by Colleen Coover. .45 Intro and Announcements: The show has a new Patreon supporter! Effusive thanks to Dave! 1.48 My Submissive Life: People I’m grateful for–the …

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Sep 06 2016

Sex Criminals Volumes 1-3

[This is the text of the book review from episode twenty-three of The Pageist.] The books this episode are the first three volumes of Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. A sexy comic about a couple of people who stop time whenever they orgasm. Each volume collects five issues of the comic, which …

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Sep 01 2016

Episode 023 Sex Criminals Volumes 1-3

Episode the twenty-third; Wherein the Pageist explores a new app for kinksters, laughs until she cries at a podcast and develops some new ideas for sadistic roleplay. The books reviewed this episode are the first three volumes of the comic Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. .50 Intro & Announcements: The show is …

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Mar 29 2016

Sunstone Volumes 1 Through 4

This is the text of the review from episode 9 of the podcast. Some of it appeared in an earlier review, but this has been updated and expanded to include volume four in the series and to discuss other characters and themes. The previous review has some spoilers behind hide tags, if you’re the curious …

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Dec 08 2015

Sunstone by Stjepan Sejic

This is a review of the first three collected volumes of Sunstone by Stjepan Sejic. The fourth volume will be released in January. You can read the entire thing for free on DeviantArt starting here. I have chronic migraines, though so opted to purchase the collected volumes. I’m glad I did. The artwork and lettering …

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