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Mar 09 2016

Executive collar and rope

I could not find the original, but it came from this site. If you know who the author of this image is, please leave a comment.

Dec 16 2015

A Collar and Straps

    The ever-reliable Tumblr served up this photo. Being Tumblr, though, no artist was credited and I couldn’t find one, either. If you know who the photographer is, please leave a comment.

Oct 24 2015

A Collar and Some Lace

Oct 08 2015

Interview with Embellish Maille

I was looking online for a submissive’s day collar and knew I wanted something metal rather than leather. Lazy but fashionable, I wanted it to be attractive but didn’t want to have to take it off to shower. After listlessly poking the internet I eventually came upon EmbellishMaille’s Etsy shop, which had several submissive chokers, as …

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Sep 08 2015

30 Days of Kink Day 8: An Erotic Image

Day 8: Post a kinky image you find erotic. Every Wednesday I post an image—most of which would fit this criteria. Have another one just for today, though. Scads more of his work here.