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Jan 03 2017

Books You May Have Missed

[This is the text of the book reviews from episode 36, which was a recap of books I’d reviewed prior to having the podcast, grouped by genre. Some books didn’t make it onto the website so this is the first time some have been mentioned, while I’ve rethought my opinions on others.] Fiction The first …

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Dec 30 2016

Episode 036: The Pageist Talks Pre-Show Books

Episode the thirty-sixth; wherein the Pageist celebrates a year of doing the podcast and shares thoughts on the books reviewed prior to having the show. Books reviewed… quite a few. 0.48 Intro and Announcements: Two surveys! Thank you, survey-takers! If you’d like to fill in the anonymous survey and make my day, the link is …

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Oct 27 2015

1601 by Mark Twain

The year is 1601 and a poor lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth is waiting on her lady, who is chatting with some of the well-known writers of the day—Ben Jonson, Francis Bacon and William Shakespeare. Other Elizabethans of note are lolling about. Suddenly, someone cuts one. I mean, they really let one rip. A fart. Someone …

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Jun 16 2015

Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure

Before beginning this review I must admit that it’s been some time since I read this. I recall enjoying it greatly and there are quite a few underlined passages in my copy. Like such: Then the turtle-billing kisses, and the poignant painless love-bites, which they both exchang’d in a rage of delight, all conspiring towards …

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