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All the Smaller For It: Kink as Orientation & Nonsexual Kink

All the Smaller For It a.k.a. Everyone Doesn’t Have to Experience Relationships the Way You Do This week hasn’t been so swift, as my Mother likes to say when she doesn’t feel good. ‘I don’t feel so swift.’ I started Monday morning being compared to a rapist and pedophile for being kinky. Here’s what happened. […]

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Naked People Make Me Fall Asleep

Why the Asexual Is Thinking About You Naked Not long ago I met a photographer who processes photography in old-timey ways—daguerrotypes, rather than Polaroids. (His name is Nicolas Laborie and his work is pretty neato.) Nicolas is interested in gender and how people present themselves and so on so we had a thought-provoking chat and […]

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Non-Sexual BDSM with Pegasus

Beyond the Rainbow is a blog that frequently focuses on asexuality within a BDSM context. I recommend checking out the site in a general, but this post in particular articulately addresses the common question of what asexuals get out of kink. This was written for the December 2014 Carnival of Aces on “Touch, Sensuality, and […]

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