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Follow me on Quora. I answer questions about BDSM, sex education, LGBT+ issues, feminism, writing and reading. And sometimes take a shot at other things people A2A me about.
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Non-free Ways to Support the Podcast and Website

Become a Patreon supporter. There are a range of support levels, with rewards for each one. My goals include giving back to the kink and sex educator community in various ways. More specific information is available on Patreon.
Make a one-time or monthly donation via PayPal by selecting an amount from the relevant dropdown and clicking on one of the following buttons. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still set up a donation using your credit or debit card:

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Shop for some official The Pageist merch from my Zazzle store. Please note that due to the fact that many of the designs are tagged as ‘BDSM’, you will not be able to see them unless you are logged in to your Zazzle account as an adult. However, you can browse thumbnail images of all of the products on my The Pageist Emporium page if you don’t already have a Zazzle account. Also please note that the base prices on the items are high by default – the royalties I earn through Zazzle are but a minor fraction of the listed prices.
Buy me something from my Amazon wishlist. The vast majority of things there are books. I’m not trying to get rich or looking for swag—I pretty much live for the show and site.
Buy me a gift certificate for the Historical Emporium so I can order myself something Victorian-themed that’ll make me very happy.
Buy me a gift certificate for Wild Wolf Leather on Etsy so I can order myself something kinky. [This shop is on hiatus for the summer, but will return.]
Become a podcast sponsor. If you own a BDSM or sex education-based site, podcast, book, shop, whatever and you’d like to sponsor the show, let’s talk. If you know someone who fits that description, send them my way. My email address is thepageist[at]gmail[dot]com
See my Rates Page for more information on sponsorship and advertising.

Why You May Consider Supporting The Pageist

I’ve written before about how kink has changed my life. The shortest version possible is that I struggled with my sexuality for twenty years (nothing to do with kink—more being gay) but once I realised I was kinky everything changed, overnight. I was all right. I simply approached the world in a different way than most other people and different wasn’t wrong, it was simply different.

I want to return the favour.

The mission statement of The Pageist, in all its forms, is to let people know that, whatever their kink, they are not alone. There can be some heavy judgment even in the BDSM community and everyone deserves to be seen and validated. Also, the aim is to provide education and direct people to sources of information so they can learn more about themselves and how to practise their interests as safely as possible.

I do everything on the site and podcast. I am The Pageist. And I love it. It’s more than a full-time job. I’ve pretty much given up hope of reading or watching vanilla books or films ever again because I simply don’t have time. I’m okay with that because it gives me the opportunity to learn everything possible about this amazing, intense, expansive world and share the best bits with my audience so they—no matter their proclivities—will find something they can relate to.

In order to do a more-than-full-time job, I can’t have a traditional job. Nor do I want one anymore.

Helping people be more comfortable with themselves feels like a calling—something that would have made my eyes roll right out of my head two years ago, but here we all. Having to do anything else would feel like I was wasting my time and energy on something that wasn’t doing as much good in the world. Because I understand deeply what it is to feel completely alone and to live every day with self-hatred so profound it seems to be part of the fabric of your being.

But it isn’t. That’s something someone else put on you like a straight-jacket. Literally trying to make you a straight in vanilla terms. My goal is to get people out of that jacket. (And into heavy bondage, if that’s what they’re into, but only with full consent.)