Service-oriented Resources

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General Information

  • The Power Exchange: Types of servants and their responsibilities and skills, as well as reference links on how to provide many types of service.
  • SubmissiveGuide: A large number of reference links for service submissives including etiquette, household management and housekeeping, entertaining, and personal care.

Leather Care

  • All About Leather: A site with useful general information about different types of leather and how to handle them. Particularly of use is the faq page.
  • Collar ‘n’ Cuffs Beginner’s Guide to Leather Care: Comprehensive guide on how to clean most of the accoutrements, clothing and furniture in a dungeon. It doesn’t cover tears, but this is a beginner’s guide.
  • Rachel Yatuzis has some very useful videos on how to remove mold and clean leather, if you just need to clean a jacket or gloves.

Meal Planning

  • A Girl Called Jack: Excellent site for frugal, healthy choices for meal planning. There are vegetarian and gluten-free options, as well as choices for omnivores.
  • Monthly and Weekly Menu Planners: Elegant, free to download planners in weekly or monthly versions.