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People I Mention On Occasion: A Guide

Walter: My husband. His name isn’t actually Walter, but when I called him vanilla once he said he didn’t have a flavour. I said, ‘Like water?’ He laughed and agreed. Water = Walter. He’s very supportive and a big sweetie. Someone once commented that he’s so laid back he’s practically horizontal, which is accurate.

Bug: A lesbian female friend of mine whom I’ve known for over ten years. I call her Bug because she’s a self-proclaimed ‘vanilla weenie’ (the spanking scene in Secretary made her cry a little). Vanilla Weenie is V.W. = Bug. And yes, I actually call her that in real life. I do not call my husband Walter in real life. (Though I may start, because that would be hilarious.)

Bean: Another lesbian friend of mine whom I’ve known for over ten years. She chose her nickname, which was something her brother’s friends called her when she was growing up, though she can’t recall exactly why. Bean’s also vanilla, but very open-minded and supportive. (Oh god. She’s a vanilla bean.)

Joan: A kinky-minded friend from the internet. One of those people I met online and we hit it off straight-away. She’s named after the Ultimate Domme, Joan Ferguson, as we met by being in the same fandom. I’m probably too old to use the word ‘fandom’, by here we are. That’s what the Governor does to people.

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