If you’re interested in feedback on your writing, I consult on a sliding scale based on word count and whether you’d like general feedback (is this any good?) or copy editing.

Contact me with your total word count and what you’re looking for if you’d like more information.

Advertising & Sponsorship

If you’d like to sponsor a blog post (which are pushed to most social media platforms), I write about sex and kink education, feminism, asexuality, mental illness (depression & anxiety), HPV, book, film and other media reviews and more. Rates are flexible, based on word count. Contact me with your request, including word count.

Image ad in sidebar of this site. Contact me for rates.

Ad in each episode of The Pageist podcast. Up to thirty second ad within the first ten minutes of each episode of the show. Rates are per aired episode. Contact me for more info.


I have experience writing about:

  • LGBT+ issues (especially lesbianism and asexuality)
  • Mental health (depression & anxiety especially)
  • Media reviews (books, films, apps, video games, etc)
  • Feminism
  • HPV and sexual health
  • BDSM (general information & power exchange)
  • General sex education
  • Sexual assault and healing from it

My freelance fees are on a sliding scale based on word count. Contact me for rates.