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Guests by Name

Alex from SWOP: Alex from the Sex Worker Outreach Project Behind Bars.

AliceinBondageLand: FemDom extraordinaire AliceinBondageLand has been on the show more than once.
–An introductory interview about what she does and what FemDom is.
–An interview about Female Led Relationships and how a person can find or build one, no matter their gender or orientation.

Auntie Social: Host of Stereo-Typed visited the show and we discusses books (both kinky and vanilla) and the effect fantasy has on everyday life.

Bodhi: Rigger and rope-maker (for Ropespace) I interviewed Bodhi for The People of Kink and we talked about his experiences in BDSM and rope.

Cooper S. Beckett: author of My Life on the Swingset, A Life Less Monogamous & Approaching the Swingularity. Also the mind behind Swingset.Fm. We discussed his first novel and the swinger community.

Dr David Ley: Psychiatrist and author of several books including Ethical Porn for Dicks, The Myth of Sex Addication and Insatiable Wives.

Dr Gloria Brame: Author of many, many books on BDSM including Different Loving and Different Loving Too.

Graydancer: Podcaster, sex educator, rope aficianado and consent advocate. We discussed consent. (Then he stayed on and did an extra interview about receiving blow jobs gracefully for my Patreon supporters.)

Lee Harrington: Educator, author and rope aficianado. We discussed his book Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities.

NookieNotes: Author of an array of books, including a series on Female Led Relationships.

Pixie & Andrew of Kink Craft: We talk about DIY impact toys and a range of other topics. Great fun!

My Interviews on Other Shows

Erotic Awakening interview with Dan about asexuality. [Jan 2016]

The People of Kink Live interview where I spoke with Brooklyn about the show and site and what I do. [March 2017]

An episode of Stereo-Typed, where we talked about Pageism, Victorian power exchange and how the past was odiferous. [May 2017]