Other Reviews


  • Kinkd: Chat and hookup app.
  • KNKI: A chat app for the more visually-inclined user of the kink persuasion. Includes lots of features.

Apps For S-types

(See also this page).

  • TracknShare: A highly-flexible productivity app for tracking habits, goals and times.

DIY Kits

  • Kink Craft Mini-flogger: A paracord flogger that’s vegan-friendly and good for travel. Make time: approx 30 minutes.


  • Blank White Cards: A card game that the players create themselves. (Also falls under the DIY category.) Can be NSFW or vanilla (or both, like the version I made in the post.)
  • Happy Playtime: A web app game that aims to educate people about the mysterious vulva and the various ways to please them. I wasn’t overly in love with the game, but it’s a worthwhile effort. Give it a go (and report back, please.)
  • Radiator 2: Trio of moderately explicit, hilarious, very well executed gay games by Robert Yang. Hurt Me Plenty, Succulent, Stick Shift.


  • Erotic Awakening: Long-time M/s, poly couple Dan and dawn discuss issues pertaining to kink, poly and sex with candour and humour.
  • Intellectual Foreplay: Ginger and the Prof, discuss the brainier aspects of sex and swinging.
  • Kink Craft: Podcast that accompanies the Kink Craft DIY BDSM toy shop, Pixie and Andrew discuss the weekly blog post which covers anything from why socks are sexy to the intersection of submission and feminism.
  • My Dad Wrote a Porno: After Jamie’s father writes his first book of erotica at age 60, the young man decides to read it with his friends in a podcast. As you do. Hilarious.
  • Perverted Podcast: Several experienced kinksters in L.A. discuss a wide range of topics pertaining to sex, kink, poly and anything else to do with your jiggly bits in this professionally produced show.
  • Why Are People Into That?!: Interview podcast where host Tina Horn talks with members of the kink community about why and how people do the myriad fetishes, kinks and perversions that humanity has discovered over the centuries.

Sex Toy Reviewers

  • Hey Epiphora: My long-time favourite sex toy review site. The site by which all others are judged.
  • Oh Joy, Sex Toy: Outstanding webcomic comprised of sex toy reviews and sex education, as well as much more.


  • Kink Craft: British-based DIY kink gear site with a blog and podcast.

Tests & Quizzes

  • BDSM Test from BDSMtest.org: Rates the taker on a scale of 1 to 100% in areas like Dominant, submissive, switch, masochist and twenty-one other roles. My experience with the test is here.
  • Beiter Sexuality Preference Indicator: a 90 question test that rates a person in four areas of sexual preference. My review of the test is here.
  • Map of the Lands of Human Sexuality: A map created by Franklin Veaux of a very wide array of fetishes and kinks. The user places digital pins to show where they’ve been and where they’d like to go. My experience with the map is here.


  • The Cage: Community for kinksters with a blog, forum, magazine, classifieds and more.
  • Submissive Guide: An outstanding resource for any s-type with education, resources, advice and more.