Guests by Name

Alex from SWOP: Alex from the Sex Worker Outreach Project Behind Bars.

AliceinBondageLand: FemDom extraordinaire AliceinBondageLand has been on the show more than once.
–An introductory interview about what she does and what FemDom is.
–An interview about Female Led Relationships and how a person can find or build one, no matter their gender or orientation.
Chastity! A (very) long interview on what it is, why and how people practise it, as well as safety concerns and how to improve your play.

Auntie Social: Host of Stereo-Typed visited the show and we discusses books (both kinky and vanilla) and the effect fantasy has on everyday life.

Bodhi: Rigger and rope-maker (for Ropespace) I interviewed Bodhi for The People of Kink and we talked about his experiences in BDSM and rope.

Cooper S. Beckett: author of My Life on the Swingset, A Life Less Monogamous & Approaching the Swingularity. Also the mind behind Swingset.Fm. We discussed his first novel and the swinger community.
–In his first interview on the show we discussed his first novel and the swinger community.
–In his second appearance, he talked about Approaching the Swingularity, male bisexuality and pegging.

Dr David Ley: Psychiatrist and author of several books including Ethical Porn for Dicks, The Myth of Sex Addication and Insatiable Wives.

Dr Gloria Brame: Author of many, many books on BDSM including Different Loving and Different Loving Too.

Graydancer: Podcaster, sex educator, rope aficionado and consent advocate. We discussed consent. (Then he stayed on and did an extra interview about receiving blow jobs gracefully for my Patreon supporters.)

Jillian Keenan: Freelance journalist, author (of Sex with Shakespeare) and spanking enthusiast. We discussed kink as orientation, imaginary friends, consent and so much more.

JoEllen Notte: Writer and mental health advocate. We discussed depression and relationships including the inherent power difference between those with mental illness and those without.

Kitty Chambliss: Relationship expert and coach, and author was on the show to talk about jealousy and how to handle it in open and polyamorous relationships. She was delightful.

Lee Harrington: Educator, author and rope aficionado. We discussed his book Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities.

Master Jon: BDSM educator. We discussed books written for a general audience that were useful for people into power exchange, as well as a power exchange style based on the samurai code.

Mike Merrill: The world’s first publicly traded person, Mike was on the show to discuss what it’s like allowing friends and strangers make his life decisions, how power exchange concepts can benefit vanilla couples, and his newest project, which put him in an awkward situation indeed.

NookieNotes: Author of an array of books, including a series on Female Led Relationships.

Pixie & Andrew of Kink Craft: We talk about DIY impact toys and a range of other topics. Great fun!

Red Light Library: Gavin and Jackie, hosts of RLL, talk about the joys and horrors of reviewing some of the more out-there erotica. This episode was something else–hilarious.

Richard Carver: Sex toy maker and artisan, Dick Carver, talks about the pros and cons of wooden sex toys, as well as why he does what he does.

Sinclair Sexsmith: Sexsmith is an educator, author, Dominant and packing pro (not the kind you do before a trip). They were on the show to discuss their book Sweet and Rough: Queer Smut, consent in erotic fiction, feminism and kink and why so much erotic fiction is so badly written.
–Sinclair did a bonus interview for my patrons on packing that was informative, eye-opening and hot.

My Interviews on Other Shows

Erotic Awakening interview with Dan about asexuality. [Jan 2016]

Passion and Soul interview with Lee Harrington about books about kink and sexuality. [Jan 2017]

The People of Kink Live interview where I spoke with Brooklyn about the show and site and what I do. [March 2017]

An episode of Stereo-Typed, where we talked about Pageism, Victorian power exchange and how the past was odiferous. [May 2017]