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Are you asexual?
Are asexual people willing to be in relationships?
What is the sexuality (besides asexual) where you don’t feel love?


What is the most bad-ass thing about BDSM?
As a sub how do you introduce new activities to a BDSM relationship without topping from the bottom?


Why is it now considered abusive for a parent to put their foot down and let their children know who is in charge of the household?
What was the name your parents originally wanted to give you?


Is it easy for some people to come out?
Are there any celebrities who faked that they are gay?
If you could give an advice for your closeted self what would it be?
When did you first realize that you were gay?
How does being queer differ from being gay?
If sexuality is not a choice, why do some identical twins have different sexual orientations?
What is the best thing about being LGBTQI?
Why do I hate myself for being gay?
Why are some gay men trying to look effeminate since gay men are attracted to man?
Is being gay better left unsaid?
Is it possible that I have a closeted male friend pretending to be straight?
What would you do if your religious son came out as gay and didn’t tell you?
Would you accept your child if they were gay?
Who are some people whose work or lives have been cut short due to discrimination against lesbian, gay and transgender people?
Gays and lesbians, do you believe in bisexuality?
How come lesbians try to look like men, but gays don’t try to look like women?

Life Experiences

What is the most regretful thing you have done while being high?


What does “people mover” mean?


What movie can you watch all the time and never get tired of watching?


How many hours does it usually take to put together a good podcast episode?
What is good software for podcasting?


If you are allowed to read only one book in your entire life, what book would you recommend?
Can someone who can read cursive read this and tell me what it says?

Sex Education

Why is sex education not taught with more care?


How can I stop the urge to masturbate?
Does self-sufficiency affect sexuality?
Do you get straight men who don’t care for female company, and how is this possible?
What are some good stocking-stuffers for a ‘naughty’ stocking for my girlfriend?
Is it technically illogical to be heterosexual?
I’m thinking panromantic, demiromantic, agender, asexual, is that possible?


What is the first chapter of the current book you are writing?
How do I know if I’m a genuinely good writer?
What do I write if I don’t have anything to write but still want to write?
Why are there so many genius protagonists in literature and films?
Do you read your old writing? If so, does it help? If you don’t, why not?
If you were about to write a book for self-improvement or self-help what would your title be?
What are some fun, casual online communities for writers?
If you were a writer, what would you do and feel if all of your characters just magically showed up at your doorstep?