Interviews with people who either make kinky crafts or accoutrements or have been in the lifestyle for some time.

30 Days of Kink

My 30 Days of Kink posts. You can read everything under the tag by clicking this link. Or choose specific posts below. Day 1: Introductions: Dom, sub, switch? What parts of BDSM interest you? Give us interesting in-depth definitions of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self for us. Day 2: List your …

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By Title The Pageist Introduces Herself: The first two essays I wrote about pageism–what it means to me and how mine evolved over the twelve years between the two essays. 50 Shades of BS: What the Media Gets Wrong about Kink: A list of the myriad things books, film and television get wrong, wrong, wrong …

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Fiction pieces for your enjoyment. An Introduction to the Governess: Introduction and explanation of who the Governess is and who is writing the fiction pieces in this section. Last Evening with the Governess: Short erotica of somewhat vanilla lesbian sex with a tinge of D/s elements. A New Evening Routine: ‘Soft’ domination (no pain) within …

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Journal Prompts

General Submissive Journal Prompts Submissive journal prompts from various sources I’ve responded to. Location of original prompt is linked in each post. 001. Natural or learned: Are you a natural submissive or a learned submissive or both? 002. Motivation: What is your motivation in your service? 003. Safewords: ‘A sub with a safeword is just a …

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For the submissives

These are posts that are primarily of use to s-types (submissives/slaves/property/etc) and the people who lead them. Other resources for s-types can be found here. If your preferred style of power exchange is Victorian, check out this page of resources. By Title Discovering My Inner Victorian: I work out my preferred (and in retrospect, obvious) …

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Quora Answers

Asexuality Are you asexual? Are asexual people willing to be in relationships? What is the sexuality (besides asexual) where you don’t feel love? BDSM What is the most bad-ass thing about BDSM? As a sub how do you introduce new activities to a BDSM relationship without topping from the bottom? Family Why is it now …

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Mentor Posts

This is an index of the posts by other authors on the site. Alphabetical by Author AccidentalFlirt: Being Honest About Your Kink Anonymous: Submission and Dominance are Not Gifts Aussie-Primal: Why You Should Easy Into Kink Brittunculi: Reasons to Submit; Why Punishment is a Gift ButtonEyes MD: Minding Your Own Dynamic Charlie Glickman: Consent Accidents and Violations …

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