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Jun 20 2017

Unforeseen Circumstances

This week’s podcast episode & posts will be delayed due to a family medical emergency. Many thanks to the staff and doctors at John Radcliffe Hospital & the NHS for their caring, thorough attention. Regularly scheduled programming will resume… when it does. We don’t have all test results or a diagnosis yet.

Status update

I had a wonderful and restful weekend in Manchester. I’ve returned to beaucoup work, though, & it will take a few days to respond to all of the correspondence that has accumulated in the interim. THANK YOU for all of the words of encouragement. <3

Status update

There was an issue with episode 33 (me. I was the issue.) It has been corrected and reuploaded. Redownload the episode and it should work. Thank you for listening!

Status update

My computer has stopped recognising my microphone in any fashion so the next podcast will be out as soon as I can sort that out. Followed shortly by the poetry for Patrons paying for it. I’ve been battling the technology for two days & I’m ready to set fire to my laptop at this juncture. Every apology.

Status update

This week’s podcast episode and film review will both be one day behind due to our belongings arriving from the States. The podcast will be up Friday & the film review will post Saturday.


I’ve just found a site called Consensual Dominance. The essays are solid, well-written advice about a variety of kink topics from someone who clearly knows a thing or two.

Status update

Welcome to the site’s new theme–Graphene–to celebrate the next chapter of my life.

One of the many features are different types of posts, including statuses. Please let me know what you think of the site changes. I look forward to getting settled in England and returning to regularly scheduled image, music and mentor posts, as well as personal essays and fiction.