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Jun 11 2017

Sub Journal 011: What We Need to Be

We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are. –Max De Pre When I first learned what a submissive was—and particularly service-oriented submissives—thought, ‘My whole life makes sense now! I’m going to be the best submissive ever! This is who I’ve always been! This is going to be a piece of …

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Jun 04 2017

Meditations for submissives 009: Maximus

The Meditation for June is a mix of good advice for submissives and Dominants. This is Book One, Number Fifteen. The Maxwell Stanisforth translation in full: Maximus was my model for self control, fixity of purpose, and cheerfulness under ill-health or other misfortunes. His character was an admirable combination of dignity and charm, and all …

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May 07 2017

Meditations for submissives 008: Severus

The Meditation for May is good advice for everyone regarding being a decent human, leader and friend. This is Book One, Number Fourteen. The Maxwell Stanisforth translation in full: From my brother Severus I learnt to love my relations, to love the truth, and to love justice. Through him I came to know of Thrasea, …

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Apr 09 2017

Sub Journal 010: Perversion and Normality

One person’s perversion is another’s normality. –Julie Peakman This is the unofficial motto of my site and is the opening line of Peakman’s book The Pleasure’s All Mine: A History of Perverse Sex (podcast review, written review). The quote works in a couple of ways, but I think the overall message is that you’re normal …

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Apr 02 2017

Meditations for submissives 007

The Meditation for April is all-round good advice and completely straightforward, as well. (For less-than-straightforward, but no less useful entries in this series, start here.) This is from Book One, Number Ten The Maxwell Stanisforth translation in full: It was the critic Alexander who put me on my guard against unnecessary fault-finding. People should not …

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Mar 12 2017

Sub Journal 009: Tolerance of Others

How tolerant are you of others who live in a lifestyle that would not suit you and who live in such a way it does not affect you? Do you consider yourself open minded? How do you react when others judge your lifestyle as fantasy? I wouldn’t say I’m tolerant—I would say that I’m accepting …

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Feb 26 2017

Apps for s-types: TracknShare

Apps for s-types is a new, monthly feature of resources (usually mobile apps) that will assist s-types in being more useful to their D-types or improving themselves, if training on their own. (Or not—like all other reviews on the site, I’ll list the pros and cons and you can decide if it fits your needs.) …

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Feb 19 2017

Statement of Purpose 2017-18

Statement of Purpose: Traditional vs Kinky In the vanilla world, a statement of purpose is something graduate schools ask applicants to write to demonstrate their aptitude, interest and suitability for the programme to which they are applying. In the world of power exchange, a Statement of Purpose is a document an s-type engaged in self-training …

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Oct 04 2015

Meditations for submissives 001

Marcus Aurelius was the Emperor of Rome (twice) way back during the early triple digits of the common era (before the year 200). He was a Stoic and wrote a collection of thoughts that were originally titled ‘To Myself’ and are now called Meditations. Some of these would be very useful to submissives. The first …

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Sep 06 2015

Submissive CVs and Resumes

Finding a partner is difficult in the vanilla world [understatement warning] so it’s no surprise attempting to find one with kinks that complement your own is exponentially more complicated. Anything that can make the process easier is welcome. Enter the Training CV/Resume and the Submissive CV/Resume. What is a submissive Training Resume/CV? Both are documents …

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