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Periodicals: Deep Clean & FemDom

BOOBS (pillows that look like BOOBS):I kind of dig these boob pillows . Krista Louise Smith was a painter’s assistant and lost feeling in her right arm. Unable to paint the way she’d been used to, she began making boob pillows for various uses (eye masks, neck pillows, just giant, single breasts). I love the […]

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Periodicals: Dick Size & Overthinking

Anatomy of the Clit: DangerousLilly’s clit has very specific instructions on what it likes–there’s one particular spot that makes everything right with the world. Then Lilly discovered there were others with similarly specific clits. Is yours a lefty or a righty? Debunking Woo-woo Health Nonsense (Paltrow edition): Two for you here–both about some utterly unscientific […]

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Periodicals: Condoms for Sex Toys and Real Sex in Film

Brothels (Amsterdam):This article about the reality of being a window brothel owner in Amsterdam will open your eyes. And possibly turn your stomach. E-stimulation (or, Electricity can be sexy!): If you’re curious, intrigued or just plain confused about what electrostimulation is, JoEllen Notte has an article on Kinkly about the four best gadgets to get […]

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