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Feb 25 2017

Periodicals: Kinky Films and Unusual Orgasms

BDSM for Beginners (and a game for anyone): In this article from Bustle, a couple of dominatrixes give some advice on how to try a bit of kink nice and easy while dispelling myths about BDSM from the media. Something I’ve written about myself. Books: About sex, kink and everything in between and around them. …

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Feb 11 2017

Periodicals: Condom Sizes & Lube-Testing

Condoms (lo, their many sizes): The utterly rad BexTalksSex was offering a spreadsheet of the various sizes a variety of condoms are available in, so I said, ‘Yes, please!’ And here is the PDF. They also said that if you have a question about a particular condom you can check the resources they used to …

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Feb 04 2017

Periodicals: Deep Clean & FemDom

BOOBS (pillows that look like BOOBS):I kind of dig these boob pillows . Krista Louise Smith was a painter’s assistant and lost feeling in her right arm. Unable to paint the way she’d been used to, she began making boob pillows for various uses (eye masks, neck pillows, just giant, single breasts). I love the …

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Jan 28 2017

Periodicals: Dick Size & Overthinking

Anatomy of the Clit: DangerousLilly’s clit has very specific instructions on what it likes–there’s one particular spot that makes everything right with the world. Then Lilly discovered there were others with similarly specific clits. Is yours a lefty or a righty? Debunking Woo-woo Health Nonsense (Paltrow edition): Two for you here–both about some utterly unscientific …

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Jan 21 2017

Periodicals: Olde Timey Porn & Full Time D/s

D/s (reality check): This article from Kink Craft lays out the reality of a full-time Dominant/submissive lifestyle, for anyone curious about how they work or worried theirs might not be perfect because it doesn’t look like a fantasy. LGBT Issues: AMAZING article by Brooke Shelley on The Toast about why banning cis men from certain …

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Jan 14 2017

Periodicals: Censorship and Penetration

Books (queer and feminist): Autostraddle has a list of the best queer and feminist books from 2016. Dammit–tempting me with an Anne Carson I’ve been trying to avoid spending money on. Dominants (being a good one): KinkAcademy has a great guide for what to do when you make a mistake –because all Dominants will make …

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Jan 07 2017

Periodicals: Condoms for Sex Toys and Real Sex in Film

Brothels (Amsterdam):This article about the reality of being a window brothel owner in Amsterdam will open your eyes. And possibly turn your stomach. E-stimulation (or, Electricity can be sexy!): If you’re curious, intrigued or just plain confused about what electrostimulation is, JoEllen Notte has an article on Kinkly about the four best gadgets to get …

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Dec 31 2016

Periodicals: Defanging Jealousy and Feminist Porn

Allies (how to be a good one to LGBTQ+ people): Even if you think you’ve got it locked down–read this. Even if you’re a member of the alphabet soup–read it anyway. Maybe you do have it locked down! You’ll learn you’re amazing! If not, you’ll learn how to be the fantastic ally you know you …

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Dec 24 2016

Periodical: Toxic toys and lesbian porno comics

Art/Photography: A collection of photos by (and interview with) Nydia Blas that explores what it is to be a young, black woman. BDSM: A man who does extreme anal porn (baseball bats up the tooter) talks about how masochism keeps him sane. D/s & Protocol: An article by Sinclair Sexsmith about how to build protocol …

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Dec 10 2016

Periodical: Feminist Porn and Kinky Yoga

Anatomical bra and underpants for people with a uterus. It’s an art project to highlight our fear of the female body and it’s brilliant. 4 Safer Sex Tips for people with vulva who have sex with other people with vulvas. Because safer sex is good! Let’s Talk About Sex: A writing about the good that …

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Nov 26 2016

Periodicals: Sex and Sales

This is the first Periodical Section, which will be replacing Mentor posts. Like the periodical section of a library, these posts will contain links to articles, essays and sales that have crossed my screens in the previous week or two and may be of interest to the kinky, sex positive people who read the site …

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