What the Pageist Did in November 2017

The Pageist Christmukkah bush. First one in ten years.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 67: I believe in magic! But only the bad kind, apparently. The book reviewed was Jealousy Survival Guide: How to Feel Safe, Happy and Secure in an Open Relationship by Kitty Chambliss. The text version of the book review is here.

Episode 68: What happened when I met my Ultimate Hero and also some good news. The book reviewed was Poly Land: My Brutally Honest Adventures in Polyamory by Page Turner. The text version of the book review is here.

Episode 69: Why comedians are not to be trusted, technology continues to hate me and fun news. The book reviewed was 50 Shades of Kink: An Introduction to BDSM by Tristan Taormino. The written version of the book review is here.

Episode 70: The hosts of Red Light Library, Gavin and Jackie, joined me to discuss the horrors and joys of reviewing less-than-stellar erotica. It was hilarious.

Patreon Rewards

November Greeting ($1+): This month was all about controlled explosions and patriotism and what in the world they have to do with one another.

Poetry for Patrons–The Pearl pt 2 ($3+): Three poems from The Pearl. One about a naughty dancer, one that’s a poop joke (classic!) and another about how the people condeming the sexually free are usually the biggest hypocrites.

Mix Tape–‘All Five Senses’ by Sinclair Sexsmith ($5+): A section of my favourite story from Sinclair Sexsmith’s very sexy lesbian tale featuring packing.

Romance of Lust pt 7 ($10+): In this instalment, our narrator finally gets it together with his long-time love–his governess. With his todger. A lot.


Over on WattPad, I’m Normally Perfect is up to chapter forty-two and over 900 pages. If you’re interested in lesbian vanilla, age gap relationship fiction, this one is free to read. And it’s nearly half up!


The Zazzle shop for the site was finally open with an initial set of designs. This post highlighted the collections and important information.

The Book Recommendations page was updated with lots of new information to help readers make decisions about holiday book shopping.

Also updated the Gift Guide and added quite a few sections and recommendations.

The Worthy Causes page was also updated.

What the Pageist Did in October 2017

I went to my first English fair. Where we deep fry everything–the English have lots of sweets stands.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 63: A review of the anthology of lesbian fairy tales: Witches, Princesses and Women at Arms edited by Sacchi Green. Also: Why we can’t have nice things (Four Star Turds are why). The text of the book review is here.

Episode 64: AliceinBondageLand returned and we had a fantastic (very) long chat about chastity. Why people are into it and all sorts of safety information, including where she recommends shopping for devices.

Episode 65: Relationship coach and expert and author, Kitty Chambliss joined me to talk about her book, Jealousy Survival Guide: How to Feel Safe, Happy and Secure in an Open Relationship (which is free on Amazon from November 1-5). It was a great conversation.

Episode 66: My first Chuck Tingle, Scary Stories to Tingle Your Butt. It was… unforgettable, but nearly indescribable. I did my best, though. Also, erotica for geeks publisher Circlet Press showed me just how boring I am when it comes to kinks. The text of the book review is here.


On this site I ponder the existence of Four Star Turds. You know, the people who appear to be decent humans, but then turn out to be homophobic, racist, sexual predators. Why is it so difficult to be a decent person?

On Wattpad, I added several chapters to I’m Normally Perfect, the vanilla, lesbian, age gap relationship novel I started posting in September. It’s up to 19 chapters and nearly 400 pages and gaining fans. Reliving the time of my life when writing it has been…something else and I’m happy to share it.

Patreon Rewards

Monthly Greeting ($1+): I nerded out pretty hard in this month’s greeting over the significance of Halloween and playing dress up and role play and its possible relationship to kink. So much so I nearly forgot to thank my patrons. Whoops!

Poetry for Patrons ($3+): This month was two poems by T.S. Eliot, someone I, somehow, hadn’t read before. His words weren’t explicit, but were sexy in a way that jazz can be sexy. The poems were ‘La Figlia che Piange’ and ‘Portrait of a Lady’.

Mix Tape ($5+): The Mix Tape this month was very special–I asked the patrons if they wanted some Victorian Gothic or something sexy and it was 2-1 Gothic so I got to share my favourite spooky story, ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’. Who doesn’t like a little implied incest in their fiction, I ask you?

Other News

I can now accept donations via credit card through PayPal! If you enjoy the show or site or my work in general, hit up the donate link.

I submitted my first short piece for consideration for an anthology. I’ve been writing since I was six, and have been paid as a journalist–both permanent and freelance–but it was my first time composing something specifically for a collection. Even if it’s not chosen (and I probably won’t know for many months) I’m proud of the piece and it was still an important moment in my life as a writer.

Last, but definitely not least, Walter had surgery to remove a large portion of his brain tumour, then spent ten days or so at home, healing. We’re still waiting on the biopsy, and he’s taking medication for what they had to leave, but it was one more step on this journey we’re on.

What the Pageist Did in September 2017

Podcast Episodes

Episode 61: Sweet and Rough: A review of a collection of short pieces of well-written butch/femme erotica with a decided D/s flavour and packing in every piece. mmmm-MMMM! Also, the fun of hormones and what they can do to the human body.

Episode 62: Sinclair Sexsmith: Author, teacher and Dominant, Sinclair Sexsmith was on the show to talk about consent in erotic fiction, how feminism is compatible with kink and just why so much erotic fiction is so terrible. We had a great conversation.


Over on Wattpad I began posting my first novel in chapters. It’s called I’m Normally Perfect and will appeal to people looking for age gap, lesbian (vanilla), fiction. It’s about much more than that–it would have to be, it’s 1,914 pages long–but it spans around ten years of the time the two main characters know one another. Here is the home page of the piece, with plot synopsis and so on. It’s free-to-read, though definitely read the introduction first, please.

Patreon Rewards

Monthly Greeting ($1): September’s greeting was about goals and gratitude and the ‘joys’ of perfectionism.

Poetry for Patrons ($3): John Wilmot returns with three rather naughty poems indeed that were great fun to read.

Mixtape ($5): This month Sinclair Sexsmith hung around after our interview for episode 62 and did an entire other interview on packing, which was informative, eye-opening and hot.

Other News

At the next Eroticon I will be teaching a class on using lucid dreaming to realise otherwise impossible sexual fantasies. Tickets are available to the March 2018 conference now.

What the Pageist Did in August 2017

Great strides were made in upgrading the recording booth.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 58: Reviews of two novels by Francoise Sagan: Bonjour Tristesse and A Certain Smile. The text of the reviews are in this post.

Episode 59: Jillian Keenan, freelance journalist and author of Sex with Shakespeare (which is fantastic and you should read it) came on the show for an interview about spanking, fetish-as-orientation, imaginary friends and other fun things.

Episode 60: Mike Merrill, publicly-traded individual, was on the show to talk about what it’s like letting friends and strangers make his life decisions for him, how power exchange concepts can benefit vanilla people and a pretty cool Kickstarter book the backers will help write. (It’s kinky erotic fiction.)


Over on Kink Craft, I had a piece about Asexuality and Kink published.

Here, I proposed A Solution to All of the Unsolicited Dicks going around. The link is safe for work.

I also wrote a piece about what it’s like dealing with gynecologist appointments when you’ve been sexually assaulted. That piece is a little heavy, but has a happy ending.

Patreon Rewards

Monthly Greeting ($1+) The greeting for August pertained to new starts and new slates and referenced watermelon slingshots. It made since in the greeting, I promise.

Poetry for Patrons ($3+) were three sensuous offerings by Robert Herrick.

The Mix Tape ($5+) was an excerpt from Jillian Keenan’s Sex with Shakespeare–a fantasy sequence involving the author, one of Shakespeare’s heroines, a switch (the spanking implement, not kink role) and some lesbian action. Sexy, literate and funny.


The sidebar has been updated and rearranged for a more user-friendly feel.

Index pages (just, all of them) and the Resource pages all have collapsible sections to save time scrolling.

Some changes have been made to improve user-experience on mobile, since about half my traffic comes from people on their phones. Now those users will have access to all of the resource pages. Huzzah!

The Support page has a new look.

What the Pageist Did in June 2017

The Pageist Logo


The Monthly Greeting was about the Roman Goddess Juno–where we get the name for the month of June. The Roman’s were kinky… If you want to know why I say that you’ll have to support the Patreon.

The Poetry for Patrons in June was from one of my favourite Victorian writings–The Pearl. It was the first poem in the piece and regarded what men could get up to once they grew bored with vulvas and their accompanying bits.

This month’s Mix Tape was an interview with Graydancer on how to receive blow jobs gracefully. Wooboy. I learned some things.


Episode 53: Podcaster, sex educator and rigger, Graydancer joined the show and we talked about consent. It turned into my longest episode yet, but the topic is an important one.

Episode 54: This episode includes a review of Cooper S. Beckett’s second novel, Approaching the Swingularity, and I was finally well enough to read the sexy section from The Reunion, so there were two sexy sections, since there was one from Swingularity, as well. I reviewed The Reunion by Laura Antoniou in episode 47. The text of the book review for Approaching the Swingularity is here.

Episode 55: A review of my favourite lesbian porno comic, Small Favors by Colleen Coover, and I express beaucoup gratitude for friends, the sex educator community and my listeners. The text of the book review, with several images, is here.

Episode 56: A very brief episode about my husband’s recent diagnosis of a brain tumour and how that will affect the show. Also, two short book reviews and some resources for people interested in improving their dominance or submission.

Episode 57: Cooper S. Beckett returns to the show to discuss his book Approaching the Swingularity, and we also talk about pegging, male bisexuality and more.


Some cliches are such for a reason. That one about being careful what you wish for… Well, yeah. I got my decades-long dream of living in Oxford and it hasn’t all been roses.

All the Smaller for it is an essay about two of my very favourite topics–kink as orientation and non-sexual kink. With a bonus fav sub-topic of the devaluing of sex education.

Meditations for Submissives 009: Maximus. June’s Meditation was a good mix of advice for people on both sides of the slash.

My birthday was in June so I made a post about it. It has my face in it if you’d like to know what I look like.

The essay Sexual Health and Kink is about dealing with STDs/STIs when kinky, myths surrounding the chronic ones and ways to handle a diagnosis of the same.

Submissive Journal Prompt 011 is a response to the Max De Pre quote: ‘We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.’

Personal News

As mentioned in episode 56, Walter was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Luckily, it appears to be the easiest type to deal with. He began treatment and that’s going well, thus far. Whether or not I have to take a break from doing the show and site will depend on how long he has to be out of work and if I have to get a vanilla job. Or if I can miraculously start making enough money from the show and writing to pay our food bill.

I attended my first Pride in many, many years and that was nice, if remarkably vanilla–next year I’m wearing a Leather pride flag as a cape. It was still lovely to live somewhere that had a parade and festivities in the first place.

And, as mentioned above, it was my birthday. That keeps happening, but every year has been better than the last (this month’s health scare and general political climate notwithstanding) so roll on, forties.


I also added an ‘In the Works’ section to the sidebar of the site so you can see many (but not all–gotta keep the mystery alive) of the things I’m working on.

What the Pageist Did in May 2017


I was on Auntie Social’s show Stereo-Typed to talk about Pageism, which you can listen to here.


All supporters received a greeting about an interesting tradition in olde Oxfordtown.

The poem was a fifteenth century Welsh poem (translated to English) called ‘Ode to Pubic Hair’

The Mix Tape was a section from Madison Young’s DIY Porn Handbook (reviewed in episode 40) about BDSM negotiation in porn, though much of it could be useful for non-pros. She uses the acronym: REAL SHAG TOP to remember it easily.

In Vintage Naughty Readings: Romance of Lust we were up to instalment 6 and Mrs Edgerton received a letter in return from her dear friend, that was equally as salacious as the one she’d sent.


Episode 050: Two novels by Georges Bataille (Story of the Eye and L’Abbe C). My Submissive Life: I come out to my mother, the DEB is real, and the complicated and nonsensical way we define work in Western society. Text version of the reviews here.

Episode 051: Auntie Social was on the show and we discussed books (both kinky and vanilla) and the propensity to focus on fantasy to the detriment of real life.

Episode 052: Decoding Your Kink by Galen Fous. My Submissive Life: All sorts of milestones and adulthood seems to have snuck up on me. The text of the book review is here.


Game ReviewA review of Robert Yang’s Radiator 2 triptych of moderately explicit, hilarious gay games: Hurt Me Plenty, Succulent, Stick Shift.


Asexuality: Questions & Answers: Over on KinkCraft, I wrote about common questions about and beliefs surrounding asexuality.

The Governor’s Secretary: I began an educational BDSM fanfiction set in the Wentworth universe. It’s available on this site at the link right there and on AO3. The fic includes resources and a glossary. The first four chapters are up.

Joan Ferguson is Not the Domme You’re Looking For: An update to a two-year-old post about Joan Ferguson from Wentworth, who originally appears to possess excellent qualities of a D-type, but eventually reveals a host of red flags, which is useful as a cautionary tale. Also: What Joan would be like as a Domme, had things gone differently.

Meditations for submissives 008: Severus: This month’s Meditation focuses on beign a decent human and friend, as well as contains advice for being a good D-type.