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Oct 05 2017

What the Pageist Did in September 2017

Podcast Episodes Episode 61: Sweet and Rough: A review of a collection of short pieces of well-written butch/femme erotica with a decided D/s flavour and packing in every piece. mmmm-MMMM! Also, the fun of hormones and what they can do to the human body. Episode 62: Sinclair Sexsmith: Author, teacher and Dominant, Sinclair Sexsmith was …

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Sep 02 2017

What the Pageist Did in August 2017

Podcast Episodes Episode 58: Reviews of two novels by Francoise Sagan: Bonjour Tristesse and A Certain Smile. The text of the reviews are in this post. Episode 59: Jillian Keenan, freelance journalist and author of Sex with Shakespeare (which is fantastic and you should read it) came on the show for an interview about spanking, …

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Jul 01 2017

What the Pageist Did in June 2017

The Pageist Logo

Patreon The Monthly Greeting was about the Roman Goddess Juno–where we get the name for the month of June. The Roman’s were kinky… If you want to know why I say that you’ll have to support the Patreon. The Poetry for Patrons in June was from one of my favourite Victorian writings–The Pearl. It was …

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Jun 02 2017

What the Pageist Did in May 2017

Interviews I was on Auntie Social’s show Stereo-Typed to talk about Pageism, which you can listen to here. Patreon All supporters received a greeting about an interesting tradition in olde Oxfordtown. The poem was a fifteenth century Welsh poem (translated to English) called ‘Ode to Pubic Hair’ The Mix Tape was a section from Madison …

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