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May 20 2017

Migraines are the devil

I have been laid low by a post-blood-donation migraine. This week’s episode will be up by Monday.

Apr 20 2017

The Pageist’s Adult Fun Pack of Fun Giveaway

It’s my first giveaway and I couldn’t be more excited. Well, not without winning the lottery, anyway. Several very cool people and companies have donated neato things for grownups who enjoy being creative—I’m going to compile them into three (mostly) identical packs—and send them off to winners. Gleam is running the contest because I can’t …

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Status update

Listeners, I am still coughing to the point of being unable to breathe, which is not conducive to podcasting. Beyond that, I’m finally feeling a bit better and trying to catch up on work. There’s a giveaway in the works, so stay tuned for that!

Mar 08 2017

Con Drop and Cough Drops

I have returned from Eroticon (which was enormous fun) with some sort of illness (not any amount of fun). Walter had it as we arrived in London on Friday and it began for me as we returned Sunday evening or Monday morning. I can’t recall now, as I’m pretty zapped. I have a cough and …

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Feb 20 2017

Eroticon 2017 Virtual Introduction

NAME (and Twitter if you have one) Paige, sometimes people call me The Pageist. @thepageist What are you hoping to get out of Eroticon 2017? This is my first Eroticon so I’m looking forward to meeting people whose work I enjoy and who have experience doing what I’m still fairly new at. Simply being around …

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Status update

There’s a new mobile-friendly version of the site up, about which I am most excited. If you use the site through a mobile device of some sort, give it a go and let me know what you think!

Status update

Episode 37 will be a bit late, as I’m recovering from a migraine. You can still hear me talk about books with Lee Harrington here. Or check out Wednesday’s post of my version of sexting.

Dec 02 2016

How to Support the Pageist

Free Ways to Support the Podcast and Website Follow the Twitter account (@thepageist) and retweet posts about reviews I’ve published and podcast episodes that have gone live. Follow thepageist on Medium and like and recommend my writings (if you actually like them). Share them on your own social media if you’re comfortable with that. This …

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May 05 2016

Teeny Weenies — My First Weenies

Last month one of my favorite sex toy reviewers, Hey Epiphora, reviewed tiny dildos, which are apparently a thing that many dildo companies make as promotional items. They’re really small. Smaller than your pinky. They can’t possibly be used for… purposes. It was an April Fools Joke of a review, but she actually did all the …

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Feb 14 2016

How to Support The Pageist

I have been pretty aimless for most of my life, well, all of my life. Over the last year I’ve realized what I really want to do is learn about kink, write about kink, talk about kink and eventually teach it (to law enforcement and law-makers, as a mediator–that sort of thing). I’ve written before …

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