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  • Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch: tag
  • The Well by Elizabeth Jolley: An essay regarding the unspoken D/s relationship between the two main characters.
  • Witches, Princesses, and Women at Arms: Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales edited by Sacchi Green: Review (podcast); Review (written)

By Author/Editor

Abbott, Elizabeth

Antoniou, Laura


Bataille, Georges

Beckett, Cooper S

Blue, Violet

Brame, Gloria

Brehony, Kathleen

Chambliss, Kitty

Cleland, John

Coover, Colleen

Easton, Dossie

Editors Of Cleis Press

Faderman, Lillian

Ford, Michael Thomas

Fous, Galen

Fraction, Matt

Friday, Nancy

Gaitskill, Mary

Girl On The Net

Gray, Alisdair

Green, Sacchi

Hardy, Janet W

Harrington, Lee

Herman, Eleanor

Horn, Tina

Jelinek, Elfriede

Jolley, Elizabeth

  • The Well: An essay regarding the unspoken D/s relationship between the two main characters.

Judson, Olivia

Juska, Jane

Kaldera, Raven (edited By)

Keenan, Jillian

Keenan, Joe

Lee, Jiz (edited By)

Lenius, Steve

Ley, Dr David

Lowrey, Sassafras (edited By)

Makai, Michael

  • Domination and Submission: Review

Marcus, Sharon

Maupin, Armistead

Morgan, Sophie

Morton, Jamie



Ortmann, David M

Panati, Charles

Peakman, Julie

Rice, Anne

Roach, Mary

Rothblum, Esther D.

Sagan, Francoise

Schott, Richard A

Sexsmith, Sinclair

Stryker, Kitty

Taormino, Tristan

Tenpenny, Joshua

Tingle, Chuck

Tobias, Andrew

Turner, Page

Twain, Mark

Vera, Veronica

Von Krafft-Ebing, Richard

Von Sacher-Masoch, Leopold

  • Venus in Furs: tag

Williams, Dan And Dawn

Williams, Mollena

Young, Madison

Zacks, Richard

Zdarsky, Chip

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Fiction (Classic)

Fiction (Contemporary)

Gender Issues & Studies

General Sexuality

History Of Sex


  • My Dad Wrote a Porno: The Fully Annotated Edition of Belinda Blinked 1 by Jamie Morton, James Cooper, Alice Levine and Rocky Flinstone: Review (podcast)Review (written)


LGBT Issues



Power Exchange




Romantic Friendship

Science Of Sex


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