My name is Paige and I’m an asexual, service-oriented submissive, polyamorous lesbian married to a man because life is beautifully complex. (Phew, that’s a lot of adjectives.) My particular power exchange style is Victorian and I have a Little side, though I don’t spend much time writing about that.

I’ve been writing since I was six and showed signs of being interested in various types of kink since I was … very young, though officially joined the scene a couple years ago. It’s definitely an orientation for me.

For more info on my kinks and vanilla self, click here. For info on the people I occasionally mention on the site, here you are.

What You Can Find On This Site

The Pageist is a podcast, which focuses on reviews of books about BDSM, sex education, ethical non-monogamy, sex work, gender issues, the science of sex–you name it. I also interview authors of those sorts of books, as well as other people with experience in kink or sex education, on the show to talk about a range of kinky, sexy things.

The Pageist is also a website with reviews of various media aimed at the kink and sex positive community. Media reviewed includes books, films and television, apps, games, websites, sex toy reviewers and podcasts.

The site also has non-fiction writing on a variety of subjects of interest to people in the kink and sex positive community. There’s a fiction section, as well, with erotica, and some vanilla, though still controversial writing.

Included here are multiple resource sections (including an extensive general section, Victorian Resources, Ethical Porn and Worthy Causes) and a special section for s-types with essays, reviews and prompts.

Finally, there are book recommendations and a gift guide if you’re looking for the best-of-the-best.

I am passionate about sex education, consent and inclusion.

The aim of the site & podcast is to help people find media of any sort that will assist them on their own journey and make them feel seen. I try to be as objective as possible so each person can decide if whatever is being reviewed is a good fit for them. Like a dating app for media.

I do my best to attribute sources of images that appear on the site–if your work appears on my site and it has been incorrectly attributed, please leave a comment and I will correct it (or remove it if you like.)

Obviously, this site is 18+ and NSFW.

Thank you.


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