What the Pageist Did in January 2018

I had tea from a very fancy silver tea pot one day.

January 2018 was something else. I finally got over my months-long mystery illness, only to immediately come down with a virus (deadpan face here). We also learned Walter’s brain tumour hasn’t been responding to the medication like we originally thought, so he’ll need to start radiotherapy soon.

Due to the uncertainty of the next few however long, I chose to pull out of teaching at Eroticon in March. It was something I’d really been looking forward to, and I had a schedule set for other classes to take, but there was no way to know how ill the husband would be by that time and I didn’t want to risk it.

THEN, after stressing out about that for a couple weeks, we found out they’d made the wrong call and perhaps things were progressing all right so I cancelled my London trip for no good reason. It’s been a roller coaster. I dislike roller coasters.

I’m ready for life to be boring again.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 73: The first interview in a series on sex toys–how they’re made, safety info and what different materials offer. This episode features wood toy maker Richard Carver.

Episode 74: My first rant in awhile & about some long-held peeves. The book reviewed is Ask: Building Consent Culture edited by Kitty Stryker.

Patreon Rewards

Monthly Greeting: ($1+) Well wishes for your year and info on the person behind the calendar most of the world uses.

Poetry: ($3+) A little gentle lesbian love poetry to start off this trip around the sun. Three by seventeenth century Anglo-Welsh poet Katherine Phillips. ‘To My Excellent Lucasia, on Our Friendship’, ‘Against Love’ (this one is pretty grouchy about the whole love thing), ‘L’Amitie: To Mrs M. Awbrey’.

Mix Tape: ($5+) A riff on Deadspin’s yearly What Did We Get Stuck in Our Rectums Last Year–this is the first Annual Orifice Report.

Vintage Reading: ($10+) Romance of Lust, Segment 9. A wedding! And lots of anal sex in this segment. It was also the end of the first volume of the four volumes. There’re hours to go.


I got my first rejection since I started writing under this name, which is always a big moment for a writer.

I also uploaded a few chapters in I’m Normally Perfect to Wattpad–there are over 1,000 pages up now so if you’re into slow burn lesbian romantic fiction. Well, there’s lots of it.

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