What the Pageist did in December 2017

My first snow in Oxford & in December, too!

In December 2017, I experienced my first snow since moving to England and also my first time being in a house that nearly caught fire. So, a little of the good and a little of the bad happened.

I also celebrated a winter holiday for the first time in over a decade, Walter’s brain tumour turned out to be benign and the house didn’t burn down, so, on balance, things turned out well.

Here’s what I got up to when not freezing or nearly being ablaze.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 71: Some great news, more hormone fun times and what it’s like being a regular customer in one of my bookshops. This one had 30 mini book reviews on a variety of sex related topics. The text of this review is here.

Episode 72: How my inner world reflects my exterior world, an eye-opening experience on Christmas Eve and the most collaborative book review yet. The book reviewed is The Cleis Press Sextionary. The text of this review will be up later today.

Patreon Rewards

Monthly Greeting ($1+): How the holiday traditions (deciding to celebrate them or not) a bit like kink.

Poetry: Catullus ($3+): This was so much fun! A Roman poet who lived 2,000 years ago and wrote some filthy, sexy and still relevant poetry.

Mix Tape: Erotica: ‘A New Evening Routine’ ($5+): Erotica I wrote about a lesbian power exchange couple. The submissive is having a difficult time meeting certain goals so the Dominant is setting new boundaries. Brief, minor urine play in this one.

Romance of Lust, Segment 8 ($10+): Pretty much wall-to-wall sex. So much sex.


Lessons From Meeting My Ultimate Hero: What I learned from meeting my childhood hero.

I also wrote two pieces to be submitted to external places (a website and publisher). Considering how little energy I’ve had lately, this was quite the accomplishment.

While working on episode 72 of the show, I was inspired to writing a book on paraphilias and started the preliminaries for that. It will be a long process, but also educational, entertaining and rewarding. I’ve been fascinated in paraphilias (sexual fetishes) for as long as I’ve known they existed, so this book is a no-brainer, in some ways. I’ll be tweeting nerdy facts from research and writing progress at @paraphiliasftw on Twitter.


The new version of the website, built by my husband, was launched. Comments, critiques, bugs can be sent to thepageist@gmail.com and I’ll pass them to him.

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