Episode 071: My History of Sexy Reading

Episode the seventy-first; wherein the Pageist has some very good news, some potentially interesting news and gives her listeners the Bookshop Experience. This episode includes 30 mini book reviews.

.45 Intro and Announcements:

  • A big thank you to my patrons! You’ve kept my head afloat and my sanity intact this year.
  • There was one new iTune rating–it must have been five stars! Thank you!
  • There was one new survey response with some very kind feedback. Thank you, thank you. If you’d like to take the (anonymous) survey, the link is here and I curtsey in your general direction.

3.07 My Submissive Life:

  • Walter’s tumour is benign! He’s no longer on one hormone, but is on another at least for a bit.
  • I talked about the incredible things various hormones can do to a person in episode 61.

7.25 Book Review:

33.55 Closing Remarks:

  • Thank you for tuning in!
  • In the next episode I’ll be reviewing The Cleis Press Sextionary
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