What the Pageist Did in November 2017

The Pageist Christmukkah bush. First one in ten years.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 67: I believe in magic! But only the bad kind, apparently. The book reviewed was Jealousy Survival Guide: How to Feel Safe, Happy and Secure in an Open Relationship by Kitty Chambliss. The text version of the book review is here.

Episode 68: What happened when I met my Ultimate Hero and also some good news. The book reviewed was Poly Land: My Brutally Honest Adventures in Polyamory by Page Turner. The text version of the book review is here.

Episode 69: Why comedians are not to be trusted, technology continues to hate me and fun news. The book reviewed was 50 Shades of Kink: An Introduction to BDSM by Tristan Taormino. The written version of the book review is here.

Episode 70: The hosts of Red Light Library, Gavin and Jackie, joined me to discuss the horrors and joys of reviewing less-than-stellar erotica. It was hilarious.

Patreon Rewards

November Greeting ($1+): This month was all about controlled explosions and patriotism and what in the world they have to do with one another.

Poetry for Patrons–The Pearl pt 2 ($3+): Three poems from The Pearl. One about a naughty dancer, one that’s a poop joke (classic!) and another about how the people condeming the sexually free are usually the biggest hypocrites.

Mix Tape–‘All Five Senses’ by Sinclair Sexsmith ($5+): A section of my favourite story from Sinclair Sexsmith’s very sexy lesbian tale featuring packing.

Romance of Lust pt 7 ($10+): In this instalment, our narrator finally gets it together with his long-time love–his governess. With his todger. A lot.


Over on WattPad, I’m Normally Perfect is up to chapter forty-two and over 900 pages. If you’re interested in lesbian vanilla, age gap relationship fiction, this one is free to read. And it’s nearly half up!


The Zazzle shop for the site was finally open with an initial set of designs. This post highlighted the collections and important information.

The Book Recommendations page was updated with lots of new information to help readers make decisions about holiday book shopping.

Also updated the Gift Guide and added quite a few sections and recommendations.

The Worthy Causes page was also updated.

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