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The Pageist shop is open with an initial set of collections for power exchange, s-types, kinksters, poly individuals and those with a Victorian bent. All apparel comes in multiple colours–express yourself! Notebooks (black, white or Victorian) can be modified with either blank, lined, grid or checklist pages.

Important note: because several items are tagged ‘bdsm’ they are rated PG-13 or R and will be invisible unless you log in to the site.


Perversion & Normality

Notebooks and apparel featuring the site’s unofficial motto.


(link here to choose light colours–hit the Perversion & Normality link for other styles and color options.)

What Would Your D-Type Want?

Notebooks and apparel to help s-types keep in mind what’s important. Whether you have a Ma’am, Sir, Mistress, Master or something else, there’s a version of this design for you.



Reminders for s-types

Notebooks and apparel that serve as reminders to be the sort of s-type that would make your D-type proud. A variety of s-types and D-types available.

(link here)

Resources for s-types

Supplies (binders) to assist s-types in their submission. These come in a variety of colours & two faux textures. Choose which size binder that’s best for you–1″, 1.5″, 2″. [Note: These are American size 3 ring binders.]

Butler’s books are useful for service people who need to keep up with the preferences of several people or who enjoy entertaining. Keep favourite recipes, cleaning secrets and other bits and bobs, as well as specific likes and dislikes of guests and Dominants. SubmissiveGuide has a handy guide for possible pages.

Owner’s Manuals/submissive resumes/slave resumes are documents for prospective D-types containing all the information they could need to know about an s-type. Compiling it is an excellent learning experience for a submissive and can highlight the areas where they excel and where they could focus a bit more. I’ve written about them here.

Victorian Lifestyle

Several William Morris designs on pocket notebooks for power exchange people, and a couple extra titles (milady and milord) for good measure. Also, swanky canvas journals with William Morris prints laser etched on. You’ll want to hit the link to see everything.

This is the back of the notebook when open. (link here)



The canvas journals have pockets for an ipad mini, business card and notes. (link here)

The Stealth Collection

Binders and canvas notebooks useful for flagging your kinky or poly side in a lowkey way. You can always say, ‘Oh, I just like the design.’

We can make the binders in different colours–just ask. Be sure to choose which size binder you’d like 1″, 1.5″, 2″. Note: these are American size 3 ring binders.

The canvas notebooks all come with a Moleskine journal and are refillable.






Notebooks and apparel about the people who want to fuck with your mind, but only consensually and in all the best ways.


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