What the Pageist Did in October 2017

I went to my first English fair. Where we deep fry everything–the English have lots of sweets stands.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 63: A review of the anthology of lesbian fairy tales: Witches, Princesses and Women at Arms edited by Sacchi Green. Also: Why we can’t have nice things (Four Star Turds are why). The text of the book review is here.

Episode 64: AliceinBondageLand returned and we had a fantastic (very) long chat about chastity. Why people are into it and all sorts of safety information, including where she recommends shopping for devices.

Episode 65: Relationship coach and expert and author, Kitty Chambliss joined me to talk about her book, Jealousy Survival Guide: How to Feel Safe, Happy and Secure in an Open Relationship (which is free on Amazon from November 1-5). It was a great conversation.

Episode 66: My first Chuck Tingle, Scary Stories to Tingle Your Butt. It was… unforgettable, but nearly indescribable. I did my best, though. Also, erotica for geeks publisher Circlet Press showed me just how boring I am when it comes to kinks. The text of the book review is here.


On this site I ponder the existence of Four Star Turds. You know, the people who appear to be decent humans, but then turn out to be homophobic, racist, sexual predators. Why is it so difficult to be a decent person?

On Wattpad, I added several chapters to I’m Normally Perfect, the vanilla, lesbian, age gap relationship novel I started posting in September. It’s up to 19 chapters and nearly 400 pages and gaining fans. Reliving the time of my life when writing it has been…something else and I’m happy to share it.

Patreon Rewards

Monthly Greeting ($1+): I nerded out pretty hard in this month’s greeting over the significance of Halloween and playing dress up and role play and its possible relationship to kink. So much so I nearly forgot to thank my patrons. Whoops!

Poetry for Patrons ($3+): This month was two poems by T.S. Eliot, someone I, somehow, hadn’t read before. His words weren’t explicit, but were sexy in a way that jazz can be sexy. The poems were ‘La Figlia che Piange’ and ‘Portrait of a Lady’.

Mix Tape ($5+): The Mix Tape this month was very special–I asked the patrons if they wanted some Victorian Gothic or something sexy and it was 2-1 Gothic so I got to share my favourite spooky story, ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’. Who doesn’t like a little implied incest in their fiction, I ask you?

Other News

I can now accept donations via credit card through PayPal! If you enjoy the show or site or my work in general, hit up the donate link.

I submitted my first short piece for consideration for an anthology. I’ve been writing since I was six, and have been paid as a journalist–both permanent and freelance–but it was my first time composing something specifically for a collection. Even if it’s not chosen (and I probably won’t know for many months) I’m proud of the piece and it was still an important moment in my life as a writer.

Last, but definitely not least, Walter had surgery to remove a large portion of his brain tumour, then spent ten days or so at home, healing. We’re still waiting on the biopsy, and he’s taking medication for what they had to leave, but it was one more step on this journey we’re on.

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