What the Pageist Did in September 2017

Podcast Episodes

Episode 61: Sweet and Rough: A review of a collection of short pieces of well-written butch/femme erotica with a decided D/s flavour and packing in every piece. mmmm-MMMM! Also, the fun of hormones and what they can do to the human body.

Episode 62: Sinclair Sexsmith: Author, teacher and Dominant, Sinclair Sexsmith was on the show to talk about consent in erotic fiction, how feminism is compatible with kink and just why so much erotic fiction is so terrible. We had a great conversation.


Over on Wattpad I began posting my first novel in chapters. It’s called I’m Normally Perfect and will appeal to people looking for age gap, lesbian (vanilla), fiction. It’s about much more than that–it would have to be, it’s 1,914 pages long–but it spans around ten years of the time the two main characters know one another. Here is the home page of the piece, with plot synopsis and so on. It’s free-to-read, though definitely read the introduction first, please.

Patreon Rewards

Monthly Greeting ($1): September’s greeting was about goals and gratitude and the ‘joys’ of perfectionism.

Poetry for Patrons ($3): John Wilmot returns with three rather naughty poems indeed that were great fun to read.

Mixtape ($5): This month Sinclair Sexsmith hung around after our interview for episode 62 and did an entire other interview on packing, which was informative, eye-opening and hot.

Other News

At the next Eroticon I will be teaching a class on using lucid dreaming to realise otherwise impossible sexual fantasies. Tickets are available to the March 2018 conference now.

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